No Country for Young Women: A Bridge Between Generations

By Rebecca Thomson

Elena Rossini is a freelance film maker who you may know via The Illusionists, a documentary on the marketing of unattainable female beauty that is popular on Twitter.

She’s just started a new project, this time turning her attention to women at work and discriminatory workplaces. Her aim is to connect older women and younger women, allowing the experience and advice of the former to guide and inspire the latter.

The site, No Country for Young Women (I love the name!), will feature interviews from both young and old, each describing their story, giving advice on how to deal with different situations and explaining how they overcame obstacles or problems.

It’s fairly common to hear younger women complain about the attitudes of female bosses, and it’s a great idea to try to connect the different generations. Mentoring is one of the best ways for a company to boost the success of its female employees, and there’s every chance this will play a similar role for a wider audience.

The site will provide a space for inspiration, advice and conversations. Some of the interviews will be filmed and some will be written, and it will be possible to search for particular names or professions. There will be anonymous articles on women who still work at the place they’re criticising, and links to external articles on women who are doing well in male dominated fields.

Elena says she hopes to have around 20 interviews up by the end of year, and the site will grow from there. She says, “I have heard so many horror stories from women in their 20s and their different treatment in the workplace. I wanted my next project to be on discrimination. It really bothers me to see a wage gap, and mostly men in the top spots of everything from academia to the corporate world. It’s seen as normal now.”

She hopes that by bridging the gap between different generations of women, she can enable younger women get advice in a more effective way. Her interviewees will span every profession from technology to photography – if you have any suggestions, or would like to be involved in any way, email Elena at nocountryforwomen AT yahoo DOT com.

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