Zoe Smith: Pure Girl Power

Can we all just please take a moment and have a look over at Zoe Smith, please? As I write this, I am eating a cheese sandwich and nervously glancing over at my 5lb dumbbells in the corner. I’m willing to admit to Zoe, I am not worthy.

31 Jul 2012 14:33 GMT

Armitstead & Adlington Win 1st Medals for Team GB

Unless you are purposefully boycotting the Olympics, you'll know that Team GB finally have two medals.Even better, Great Britain's first and second medals have been won by two female athletes: Lizzie Armitstead for the women's road race, and swimming sweetheart Rebecc...

30 Jul 2012 09:26 GMT

The 2012 Olympics: Let's Make London Proud

If there is one thing London has been good at over the last few years, it's been moaning about the Olympics. I've done it, you've done it, as a nation - we've all done it. And really, who could blame us? The ticketing situation was a joke. Our public transport system breaks down on a regular basis, so we don't really have faith that that tube can withstand thousands (millions) more people cramming into our city. 

27 Jul 2012 17:01 GMT

Kristen Stewart: Stop Blaming the Other Woman

As the world reels at news that Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders had an affair, my heart goes out to Stewart. Of course, affairs are Not Good and I feel sorry for Stewart’s partner Robert Pattinson - to whom she apologised in a statement thus publicly confirming their relationship for the first time yesterday - and Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross and their two children.

26 Jul 2012 16:01 GMT

Why Watch 'Today' without Ann Curry?

Three weeks ago Ann Curry left the Today show. Three weeks ago, I stopped watching the Today show, a show I have watched my entire life.She was fired, allegedly, for failing to connect with the audience and for lacking chemistry with Matt Lauer. Shouldn’t trustworthiness be revered more than likability when it comes to journalists?

20 Jul 2012 15:15 GMT

10 Activity Ideas for You & Your Boobs

Kelly Brook recently took her breasts out for a bike ride around Manchester. Or, at least that's what the Mirror have reported. What I think they actually meant to report was that Kelly Brook was launching Sky ...

18 Jul 2012 14:38 GMT

Help Us With Our Survey & Win a Treat!

On 7 August, we are officially four years old.! We know. We're getting on a bit. Time to have a bit of work done, we reckon. As part of the run up to what will prove to be our most exciting year to date - not to build it up to much or anything *sweats* - we now have this super exciting survey for you to fill out. 

16 Jul 2012 12:00 GMT

Save The Children & Giving Girls Power

Like every woman I know, I've always taken it for granted that I can choose when I want to have children, how many I want to have, and how long I will leave between pregnancies.I've done so because I was taught about what contraception when I was at school. Over the years I've learned more about it - and also where I can get it, which thanks to the NHS, is from my doctor, for free. Pregnancy and contraception are things my husband and I have made decisions about together - meaning that...

13 Jul 2012 08:09 GMT

Daniel Tosh and the Rape Joke Controversy

Daniel Tosh apparently thinks rape jokes are *hilarious*. The comedian and host of his The Soup-style show Tosh.0 are usually full of borderline-insulting jokes. Always on the edge of distasteful, it would now seem that Tosh thinks it's humorous to not only make rape jokes, but suggest that it would be funny if an audience member who don't find his jokes funny, be raped.

11 Jul 2012 13:00 GMT

Thank You, Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron died on Tuesday 26th June. She was one of the wittiest,warmest and sharpest screenwriters of our times. She was a feminist too, afeminist who wasn’t afraid to talk openly about her life, love and losses. Or to laugh at some ofthe movement’s more handwringing quirks and funniosities.On top of that she was, and continues to be, an inspirationto writers around the world. Writers who know that the right words at the righttime have more power than a multi-million dollar pyrotech...

28 Jun 2012 15:20 GMT

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