Chris Brown: Not "an Inspirational Person"

Chris Brown makes a "comeback" - and in the eyes of his fans he can do no wrong. Why are people so willing to let abusers off the hook?Before this week I had no idea what the hell "Team Breezy" means, nor that "RIP" could also stand for "Really Inspirational Person". Thanks to the wonders of Twitter I'm now all too aware of both and how they relate to everyone's least favourite abusive idiot of the week, Chris Brown - and I really don't feel like my life has been enric...

17 Feb 2012 11:01 GMT

Singin’ the Blues: The Rise of Tory Feminism

"I owe nothing to Women's Lib." - Margaret Thatcher, 1982The release of Phyllida Lloyd’s The Iron Lady has set free a torrent of Thatcher-loving. At first it was confined to British papers debating the merits or otherwise of this contentious era of politics, as well as Thatcher’s standing as a style icon (something I strongly refuted), but w...

15 Feb 2012 11:59 GMT

Komen vs Planned Parenthood

What happens when a major charity stops supporting a vital healthcare provider? This week's events just go to show what can happen when a controversial decision is poorly managed.It looks like an award for ‘Public Relations Disaster of the Week’ would be well-deserved by Susan G Komen For The Cure. The breast cancer behemoth that brought us the pink ribbon (and subsequently, a special pink edition of every object on t...

03 Feb 2012 12:45 GMT

MPs at War Over the Abortion Debate

This week has seen more twists and turns in the UK's re-energised abortion debate. What's going on - and can we trust the government?Twitter was abuzz yesterday with the news that pro-choice Labour MP Diane Abbott had resigned from a cross-party group on crisis pregnancy counselling, ci...

27 Jan 2012 09:12 GMT

Reasons Why Teen Mums Didn't Use Birth Control

A new survey shows that US teens aren't really clear on the facts of life. Namely, that having unprotected sex may cause pregnancy. Can we get some comprehensive sex ed in here please?Sometimes, as adults, we look back at the teen problem page dilemmas we used to pore over and have a good laugh about it. "Can I get pregnant from giving him oral sex?" "My friend says that if you have sex standing up you can't get pregnant. Is she right?" You remember the cringeworthy st...

23 Jan 2012 09:30 GMT

Carey Mulligan Makes a Joke, Makes Headlines

The act of a journalist taking a quote our of context and making a headline out of it is rather boring. And obvious. And lazy. Non?Tina Fey writes about this in her book Bossypants, using the example of when a friend of hers interviewed her for TV Guide and she made the (unfortunate) joke of saying if McCain and Palin won the 2008 election she would "leave Earth". Fey expl...

17 Jan 2012 14:38 GMT

The Anti-Rape 'Where Do You Stand?' Campaign

A well-loved campaign has been updated for a new generation of college students. What's 'Where Do You Stand?' all about, and why is it needed?A couple of weeks ago I spotted a blog post somewhere that detailed how the writer was overjoyed to have "finally" found an anti-rape campaign that focused on engaging with men, rather than telling women what to do to avoid getting raped. That campaign was My Strength, first co...

13 Jan 2012 10:19 GMT

Are Voters Ready for a Woman in the White House?

As the USA waves goodbye to Michelle Bachmann's presidential bid, Hannah Mudge looks at the hard time politicians have being both accepted by the public and viewed as pro-woman.This week we've been treated to the news that Michele Bachmann is abandoning her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination after a dismal sixth place result in the 

06 Jan 2012 14:30 GMT

2011: A Year of Feminist Rage

After enjoying recapping 2010 in humourless feminism at the end of last year, I thought it would be great to make it an annual thing. 2011 has had more than its fair share of outrage, drama, facepalm moments and frustration. Here's a rundown of some of the issues that have made the most headlines - and why they've been causing so much trouble.

23 Dec 2011 14:00 GMT

Why We're Loving "Shit Girls Say"

Until now, if I had heard there was a Twitter feed and video series all about "shit girls say", I would have expected it to be, oh I don't know, misogynistic. (Yes, I'm using the M-Word before 10am.) However, Shit Girls Say is probably one of the most entertaining videos about women I've seen in a while. Why? Because it's hilariously (if not em...

21 Dec 2011 09:43 GMT

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