Jessica Simpson Signs Baby Weight Loss Deal

$3 million to lose your baby weight in the public eye? Jessica Simpson's joining up with Weight Watchers.When contemplating becoming a mother, the biggest consideration for today's celebrity woman is how to manage the inevitable changes the pregnancy will cause her body to go through.

14 Dec 2011 10:39 GMT

Treatment Centre for Stalkers to Open in UK

From harassment to bullying, being the target of someone’s unwanted attention online is something that can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, sometimes that attention moves beyond blog comments and creepy tweets and turns into full-blown stalking.

08 Dec 2011 16:00 GMT

Starbucks' '12 Days of Gifting' Treats

As if those iconic red cups weren’t enough, Starbucks is taking their holiday spirit to the next level by introducing their ‘12 Days of Gifting’ campaign!Spanning the 1 until the 12 of December, Starbucks have a different offer or deal on every single day. Nice, eh? From discounts, to free mince pies and packets of VIA, if you love Starbucks already, you’re going to love them just a little bit more until the 12th!

06 Dec 2011 10:22 GMT

The Logo Board Game & Over-the-Top Advertising

There’s little more wholesome and “family friendly” than a winter’s evening spent playing a board game. Faces glowing by the fire, a bit of light-hearted banter and the satisfaction of quality time doing something away from the trappings of commercialism and television. Even the conniving and money hungry profiteering of Monopoly seems some how sweet and innocent.

28 Nov 2011 10:04 GMT

In Memoriam: Shelagh Delaney

This week marked the passing of Salfordian playwright and scriptwriter Shelagh Delaney (b. 1939). Her breakthrough play, A Taste of Honey, provoked controversy and admiration in equal amounts, but never seemed to get the same respect that her more celebrated male counterparts received. John Osborne and Allan Sillitoe may have garnered more accolades, but Delaney's sharp dialogue may find her a more lasting memorial. In the late 1950s/early 1960s "kitchen sink" realism reigned ...

24 Nov 2011 14:00 GMT

Sophia Grace & Rosie: The Fantastic Pink Duo

Normally, cute kids singing, dancing, or even rapping on YouTube doesn’t impress me. Usually I find it creepy and borderline annoying.However, after watching a clip of eight-year-old Sophia Grace and her five-year-old cousin interviewing celebrities on the red carpet of the AMAs for Ellen, I needed to know who this Sophie Grace was, and why I suddenly felt compelled to make her my new best friend.

23 Nov 2011 16:11 GMT

Kristen Wiig is a "Bro of the Year", in Lingerie

This past weekend, SNL and Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig was smiling back at me when I pulled out the Guardian Weekend Magazine. However, she wasn’t really so much smiling as she was smoldering. And I couldn’t really concentrate on her face because she was showi...

22 Nov 2011 13:00 GMT

RyanAir to Provide Inflight Porn?

Twitter gave a massive squee this afternoon after news broke that budget line Ryanair plans to introduce another income stream for passengers who aren't satisfied with paying for visits to the toilet or food and drinks: porn.

10 Nov 2011 18:00 GMT

Michelle Duggar is Pregnant with her 20th Child

Everyone's favourite TV fundamentalists have another bun in the oven: but is it a wise choice?Who'd be Michelle Duggar right now? The 45-year-old mom-of-many and star of 19 Kids and Counting has just announced that she's expecting her 20th child.In a Today Show appearance yesterday (naturally), Michelle, accompanied by husband Jim Bob and their children, as well a...

09 Nov 2011 17:00 GMT

Adele Undergoes Surgery for Vocal Cords

I adore Adele as much as the next person. She's funny, enjoyable to watch on chat shows, and she seems like the kind of person you'd like to share a bottle of rosé with on a hot summer day. (And did I mention her hair?) Her music makes me weep and both her album 21 and her stellar voice have taken the entire world by storm.

08 Nov 2011 18:08 GMT

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