Liz Jones & Why "All" Women are Sperm Thieves

Trust is something that can be hard to gain, but is really rather important in long-term relationships. Despite what you might read in the tabloids, going behind someone's back for anything is not something that is recommended by anyone who's worth listening to.However, tabloids thrive on stories of mistrust, scandal, and drama. Take the Daily Mail, for example. Hardly a week goes by without them printing something they've 

04 Nov 2011 10:00 GMT

Kim Kardashian and the Sanctity of Marriage

One comment on the week's events that's being quoted everywhere is George Takei's tweet that they're "Another example of how same-sex marriage is destroying the sanctity of the very institution." He has a point. Yesterday some websites werebeginning to report that our ...

02 Nov 2011 12:35 GMT

Johnson & Johnson's "Toxic" Baby Products

Plenty of mothers in the US probably think that buying shampoos from Johnson & Johnson is good for their babies, however, it appears that Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoos have potentially harmful chemicals in them. Even worse, Johnson & Johnson aren’t in much of a hurry to remedy this (carcinogenic) problem.

01 Nov 2011 19:00 GMT

Royal Succession Laws are (Finally) Changed

The British monarchy has finally changed the royal succession laws. The Queen and the 16 leaders of the commonwealth have decided that the heir to the throne is the first-born daughter or son of the monarch.Finally, eh?

28 Oct 2011 21:51 GMT

Miss Representation Tells It Like It Is

A new film exposes the way representations of women in the media lead to under-representation of women in positions of power. And it's long overdue."You can't be what you can't see". The words jump out at us from the screen in the trailer for Miss Representation, a new film exposing and challenging the media's portrayals of women and girls, which is causing a stir in the US since its broadcast premie...

26 Oct 2011 09:11 GMT

Rachel Maddow's Mitt Romney "Man Cave"

Rachel Maddow was one of my favourite political commentators during the 2008 presidential election, and now that those damn elections are up and running again, my love for her has been rekindled. Recently, Mitt Romney declared to Mike Huckabee that he is anti-abortion, and would "absolutely" support a bill stating that life starts at conception, thus banning abortion, but also making most forms of hormonal contraception illegal, and leaving miscarriage to potentially be invest...

24 Oct 2011 17:34 GMT

Women & The Back of the Bus

From the recesses of my Brooklyn borough comes the news that New York City is not the liberal, egalitarian utopia people might like to believe it is. The New York World reports that a bus line that ferries between the Hasidic neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Borough Park in Brooklyn requires females to ride in the back of the bus.

21 Oct 2011 11:15 GMT

Is There a Point to Glitzy Awards?

When faced with an unexpectedly long wait for something, I often turn to magazines in order to fill time in a way that requires as little brain and mobile phone battery power as possible. Whilst killing time at Heathrow airport the other day, I stared at the racks of glossies in search of something to read. This, dear readers, is what led me to discover the annual back-slapping tuxedo festival that is the GQ Men of th...

19 Oct 2011 17:00 GMT

Lady Gaga's Birthday Gift to Bill Clinton

Guys are notoriously hard to shop for. They already have a nice watch; ties are boring; porn is creepy. That leaves basketball tickets, bottles of 20-year-old Scotch, and iPads. Unless! Is your man a politician? Well, then, Ladies, get him the gift of a lifetime:  inappropriate sexual innuendo!Yes, Ladies, when a birthday rolls around for the ex-President-who-has-everything, why not gift him a tawdry remembrance of past sex scandals? Politicians and sex scandals go hand in hand! Or han...

19 Oct 2011 09:00 GMT

Kelly Osbourne Calls Christina Aguilera Fat. Again.

 The Osbournes as a family have been slated and criticised in the tabloids, and their matriarch Sharon Osbourne has made a career out of being foul-mouthed, brash and at times rather nasty. Sharon has put her foot in her mouth plenty of times, and now it seems the act of making a career by being harshly judgemental of other people has been passed on to her youngest daughter, Kelly.

17 Oct 2011 14:04 GMT

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