Rihanna Says Chris Brown's Success is 'Exciting'

Despite my personal opinion that everyone should stop listening to his music and that he should just shut up already, Rihanna thinks Chris Brown’s success is just fine. Exciting, even. Seriously.

11 Oct 2011 16:25 GMT

Why is Lily Allen so Rude About Jessie J's Success?

Lily Allen is known for being outspoken, but it would appear that the girl just doesn’t know when to shut up.Allen started a new shop and fashion label, Lucy in Disguise, after retiring from the music business, stating that she is retiring from “writing, recording and touring under the name 'Lily Allen'."

10 Oct 2011 14:06 GMT

Jodie Marsh: Silicone is OK but Muscles are Freaky?

Yesterday, Twitter was freaking out over the photos of Jodie Marsh at the Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am Bodybuilding Championships.Jodie, a former glamour model and known for her scandalous outfits and reality TV series, took up body building two years ago, but in the last two months took on a crazy workout regime and diet. Her hardcore daily workout included spending eight hours a day in the gym, and only eating protein, shakes and black tea - no ...

05 Oct 2011 14:03 GMT

Women in Afghanistan, 10 years on

Will Afghanistan's women see more positive changes in their lives in the decade to come? Many fear the future.This Friday will mark the 10th anniversary of the US and British military intervention in Afghanistan. Its goal? To dismantle the al-Qaeda organization, remove the Taliban from power and create a more democratic state. In the last decade, billions have been spen...

05 Oct 2011 09:00 GMT

Jessie J to Shave Her Head for Charity

Jessie J is by no means your average pop star.From her incredible voice, choice of topics to discuss on stage, to her all around attitude - Jessie J is of a different breed of musician and pop star, and we’ve grown to really like her. And now, after hearing about her plans on shaving her head to raise a million pounds...

03 Oct 2011 15:00 GMT

Is 'Two and a Half Men' Cursed?

We all know that Charlie Sheen is a bit of a mess. OK, a giant, hot mess. OK, a complete and total fucking disaster. It’s because of his disastrous nature that he left Two and a Half Men, the TV show that he had been the lead in for eight seasons. This season actor, investor and funny-man Ashton Kutcher took his place as the head of the sitcom.

30 Sep 2011 17:20 GMT

Where Have all the Gay TV Characters Gone?

Aside from half of the Glee cast and Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family, how many gay or bisexual characters on American TV can you name?According to GLADD’s latest “Where We Are on TV” report, this should be a bit difficult as apparently as only 19 out of this season’s nearly 650 roles on scripted broadcast network shows are gay or bisexual characters. Even worse only five out of th...

29 Sep 2011 17:00 GMT

Is Chick Lit Really on the Decline?

Jodi Picoult and Jane Green readers everywhere were no doubt sent into a tizzy when both The Daily Mail and The Independent reported that the genre is “exhausted” due to a “spectacular slump in sales”.

28 Sep 2011 15:38 GMT

Rihanna Asked to Cover Up by Irish Farmer

While I’m all for ladies feeling comfortable enough with themselves to wear whatever they want (as long as it’s not hot pants), there comes a time when a lass just needs to cover up already. And it would appear that Rihanna has finally been told to put on some damn clothes... by a God-fearing farmer in Ireland.

27 Sep 2011 13:39 GMT

Chris Brown Needs to Just Shut Up

Idiotic celebrities are everywhere, so it’s usually best to try and not think too much about them as surely it will cause your brain to explode. If the girls of The Only Way is Essex are too much for you, don’t read Heat or watch the show. If the Jersey Shore drives you nuts, never turn on MTV because the adverts with voiceovers by The Situation will surely give you a heart attack.

26 Sep 2011 12:45 GMT

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