David Cameron and 'Freedom of Speech'

I’d like to put my serious face on now, if I may, because I want to talk seriously about David Cameron’s response to the Leveson report. I want to talk seriously about the phrase “freedom of speech”, and I want to talk seriously about the distance between this government and the people they are meant to be fighting for.

06 Dec 2012 12:00 GMT

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Where is the Line?

I despair. Rihanna has made it clear, yet again, that she is Unapologetic, particularly with regards to the company she keeps. On Saturday, 1 December, Rihanna attended the launch of her new perfume, wearing a large gold necklace that was reportedly a gift from Chris Brown.

05 Dec 2012 10:00 GMT

The Media Reacts to the Royal Pregnancy

It's the news the world's media have been waiting for - the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Time to stop wondering when she's going to do her duty and start popping out heirs; time to start discussing what names she might choose and what maternity fashion she should be wearing. Despite the fact that she's said to be less than 12 weeks into the pregnancy and is currently in hospital, no-one seems to be thinking about caut...

04 Dec 2012 15:00 GMT

Pay Gap: Are Women Still Afraid to Ask for a Raise?

It seems impossible that gender pay differences are still a thing  - but they are. Last month, the National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper entitled Do Women Avoid Salary Negotiations? which explored salary negotiations between men and women. Researchers Andreas Leibbrandt and John A. List concluded that:

04 Dec 2012 10:30 GMT

The Elimination of Violence Towards Women

My speciality throughout my university career always shocks people, as I specialised in the history of Sexual Violence. Primarily towards women. But when looking at the devastation of sexual violence during the holocaust, it’s apt to look at men too. This month sees decisive action being taken by the United Nations to eliminate violence towards women,&n...

28 Nov 2012 12:00 GMT

Valeria Lukyanova and the Human Barbie Army

Valeria Lukyanova has been turning heads, both in the streets and online. Her most recent flash of fame is thanks to her insistence that she has never had any kind of plastic surgery. This woman has got me all kinds of flummoxed. 

27 Nov 2012 15:00 GMT

2012 BBC SPOTY Shortlist is Most Diverse Yet

2012 has been a massive year for sport in the UK, and specifically for women in sport. Between organizations like WSFF and Stylist's Fair Game petition, female athletes and female sports are slowly but surely gaining more exposure. And, even better, sports organizations are finally not only recognizing that women in sport don't always get the coverage they deserve, but they're rectifying it. 

27 Nov 2012 09:30 GMT

Is Cheap Drink To Blame For 'Booze Britain'?

The spectre of ‘Booze Britain’ has reared its ugly head again. In the Metro, it has been claimed that young people blame cheap booze for their drunken behaviour. They pointed out that it was ‘cheaper to buy a three litre bottle of cider than buy a ticket to go to the cinema.’ Is it really the fault of cheap drink, though?

23 Nov 2012 14:30 GMT

No Women Bishops for the Church of England

There was disappointment and anger for many Christians on Tuesday when the General Synod of the Church of England narrowly voted not to appoint women as bishops. There were 322 votes in favour of measures that would finally allow women to be bishops, and only 124 against. All but two of the Church's 44 dioceses had given their support. But a complicated voting system, requiring the support of ...

22 Nov 2012 10:00 GMT

Swatch Girls Pro China Surfing Competition

Today marks the beginning of the Swatch Girls Pro Longboard World Championship in Wanning, China.  The contest lasts five days, with 32 of the world's finest, female longboard surfers in the world competing in five rounds of competitions, as well as the quarter and semi final. The final of the competition will feature a 30 minute woman-on-woman heat, with the winner of the event also being crowned the 2012 ASP...

21 Nov 2012 16:30 GMT

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