Our Feminist Icons Aren't Perfect. Deal With It.

This past week has been a tough one for women of the feminist persuasion. It’s not been a good week for feminism, it just hasn’t. It started with Caitlin Moran telling a troll concerned feminist that she “literally could not give a shit” about Lena Dunham’s lack of women of colour in Girls. This, obviously, resulted in a

10 Oct 2012 15:53 GMT

Feminism, Twitter and the Perfect Shitstorm

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and have nothing to get angry about? The sky is blue, the milk is in date and the water comes out of the shower at the perfect temperature. Life is so boringly happy. Thankfully, Twitter is here to add that much needed frisson of unbridled rage and vitriol to our mornings! The effects are long lasting and can continue until well past lunchtime.

09 Oct 2012 11:30 GMT

Stupid "Feminist" Questions Get Stupid Answers

Ever feel like you are listening to a broken record? A bit like it is 1998 and a Meredith Brooks CD has gotten mangled in your super high-tech in car CD player? In a post that is all about questions, it is only right that we start off with a couple. But now it is time for the questions that need to stop. The questions that might have been pertinent at some point in the distant past, but are now tired, unnecessary and, quite frankly, tedious:

04 Oct 2012 12:00 GMT

Are Women Really "Less Ambitious" Than Men?

The results of an exclusive poll conducted for The Telegraph claim to show that women are less ambitious than men and that we're facing an "aspiration gap" between men and women in the business world.

03 Oct 2012 09:00 GMT

Eve Ensler's One Billion Rising Campaign

Violence against women and girls is one of the most wide-ranging and terrible injustices of our times. Not confined to specific age-groups, countries or cultures, it is manifested in trafficking, abuse by an intimate partner, rape, forced marriage, violence in conflict, and female genital mutilation. According to World Bank data, women aged 15-44 are more at risk fro...

01 Oct 2012 14:00 GMT

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I'd like to think that all us boob-savvy BitchBuzz readers understand the importance of regularly checking our breasts for any signs of the disease, right? I’m sure you don’t need to hear that the UK has the 11th highest rate of breast cancer related deaths in the world to stress the importance of regular check-ups. There are...

01 Oct 2012 09:00 GMT

Viva Forever! Cast Announced

The cast has finally been announced for the most eagerly anticipated West End spectacular of the year: Viva Forever! Or, should I say, “the Spice Girls musical written by Jennifer Saunders”. Rehearsals for the long awaited show begin next week, with previews taking place on Tuesday 27th November, ahead of the official opening on Tuesday 11th December.

28 Sep 2012 14:00 GMT

Why Women's Mags Shouldn't Patronise Readers

Would you read a magazine that stereotyped you as man-obsessed and reliant on others for cash? In my head, where I have plenty of spare time and plenty of spare cash, I think about one day being involved with the publishing of a completely awesome women's magazine. One that has nothing to do with obsessing over men, weight loss, and celebrities. It would obviously have a badass feminist slant, and would cater to the fact that women have diverse interests and...

28 Sep 2012 11:00 GMT

Feminists, Calm Down! The Pay Gap is a Myth!

I am by no means an economic expert, however, as a raging feminist, I woke up this morning with a certain understanding that the pay gap was a real thing. My understanding was that, on average, women in the UK make 15% less than their male counterparts. The Atlantic also seemed to be under similar statistical illusions as they reported yesterday that

27 Sep 2012 09:21 GMT

Lucy Holmes & the No More Page 3 Campaign

Perusing Twitter a few weeks ago I noticed my girlfriends re-tweeting an account called No More Page 3. As the days passed, this increased in frequency and whatever was going on was gaining momentum. As you can guess from the name, the aim is to promote a petition to put an end to topless models in The Sun newspaper.

24 Sep 2012 09:21 GMT

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