The Media Clusterf*ck Over Lady Gaga's Weight

As eloquently put by Jezebel yesterday, everyone needs to shut the fuck up about Lady Gaga's weight gain. 

21 Sep 2012 11:00 GMT

Add Your Voice to the XES Campaign

It's Sexual Health Week and two of the UK's leading sexual health charities - Brook and the Family Planning Association - have launched a new campaign in response to what they call the "worrying erosion of contraceptive rights and choice" the country is seeing.

20 Sep 2012 11:00 GMT

Parker Posey's Emmy Speech Master Class

There are many things to love about Parker Posey.  From her role as Meg Swan in Best in Show to even the ridiculous Kitty in Superman Returns, Parker Posey is one of the funniest women on film and on TV. And now, she's basically outdone herself as JA,N. JA,N has been giving acting lessons for 30 years, and has recently changed her name from JAN (Just Act Naturally)  to JA,N: Just A...

19 Sep 2012 11:00 GMT

Fiona Bruce Covers Greys to "Make the Best of Herself"

The way women of a certain age who work in broadcasting are treated remains a major issue, and this was highlighted once more this week, with Fiona Bruce talking about the double standards facing men and women on television. The newsreader and television presenter told Reader's Digest magazine she dyes her hair to cov...

18 Sep 2012 13:00 GMT

Female Olympians are the "New Era of Celebrity"

Female Olympic gold medalists Jade Jones, Laura Trott and Nicola Adams are the new faces of the Make Mine Milk campaign, starring in a brand new set of adverts, sporting those iconic milk moustaches.  In an attempt to communicate the health benefits of drinking low fat milk to teenage girls, this golden, twinkling "M Powered" ad marks not only how much of an impact the young and determined female Olympia...

18 Sep 2012 09:07 GMT

Feminist "Hell yeah!": We Can Stop It Campaign

Three cheers for a police-led campaign that doesn't victim-blame! In recent years, rape prevention campaigns run by Britain's police forces haven't exactly given off the best impression. With slogans such as "Don't be a victim" and "

14 Sep 2012 09:30 GMT

Chris Brown: Go Away

I used to think that Chris Brown was like annoying telesales calls: ignore him and he’d go away. My theory was that he wanted fame and attention, regardless of the nature. In ignoring his actions and idiocy I would be starving him of the oxygen of publicity. Eventually, everyone would start doing the same. Until, one sweet day, he would vanish.

12 Sep 2012 16:30 GMT

Cabinet Reshuffle: a Bleak Future for Equality?

This week the papers, blogs, and my Twitter feed have been abuzz with news of David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle. We've been waiting with bated breath to discover who would be out and which faces might be joining the cabinet as the Prime Minister made the first major changes to the government since the coalition came to power in 2010. And since it's long been recognised that the coalitio...

05 Sep 2012 08:34 GMT

Paralympics: Wheelchair Basketball

The Paralympic games have had an overwhelmingly brilliant response in London. The Opening Ceremony seemed to go down well, and despite Channel 4's online video player not working for anyone I know, Clare Balding and the people of the UK (and the Internet) have been watching, cheering, and crying along with our Superhumans.

04 Sep 2012 12:00 GMT

Your Guide to the 2012 Paralympic Games

While I'm sure the rest of the world enjoyed it too, for the UK and specifically London, the 2012 Olympics marked two of the best weeks that have ever happened. Ever. Last week we were all in a bit of a slump, not knowing what to do with ourselves after such a magnificent two weeks. There were no triumphant wins. Our national pride was wearing thin. In fact, I went several days without crying, which, throughout the games, I don't think I went more than three hou...

29 Aug 2012 14:04 GMT

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