Chemicals Cause "Feminization of Men", Small Penises, End of World

By Cate Sevilla

We all know that chemcials are dangerous, and now it seems that despite knowing that harmful chemicals are probably the cause of all sorts of diseases and cancers - there's something even more horrific to worry about: the feminisation of men. 

Dun dun dunnnnnnn!!!!

A report due to be published today in the UK apparently describes how a "host of common chemicals" is "feminising males of every class of vertebrate animals, from fish to mammals, including people".  Heavens to Betsy!

The Independent reports that this study comes out "hot on the heels" of an American study that said that boys born to women who were exposed to heavy amounts of these "common chemicals", were born with smaller penises and "femnized genitals".

I'm curious how a feminized penis looks, but I suppose that's besides the point.

On Wednesday, England will lead an opposition against proposed new European controls on pesticides because of their "gender-bending" effects, Gwynne Lyons explains that the new research shows that the "basic male tool kit is under threat".

Because of pesticides and chemicals floating through the rivers, streams and oceans, male animals are, to put it lightly,  turning a bit girly: Male fish have been found with eggs in their testes; 40% of African cane toads have become hermaphrodites; Alligators in Florida have low levels of testosterone, and it's also reported that male starlings that ate worms that were contaminated by female hormones at sewage plants in south-west England "sang at greater length and with increased virtuosity", as well as wearing blond hair extensions on their feathers and demanding that 38 bottles of Evian water be in their nest at all times.

While this is of course a very, very serious matter, I find it interesting that despite all the diseases and cancers that are more than likely caused by the insane amount of harsh chemicals that we're exposed to every single day, it's only when penises and masculinity are at risk that the world seems to be in a panic.


Image via ABC News

Mon, 08 Dec 2008 11:00 (GMT+00)
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