Sophia Grace & Rosie: The Fantastic Pink Duo

By Cate Sevilla

Normally, cute kids singing, dancing, or even rapping on YouTube doesn’t impress me. Usually I find it creepy and borderline annoying.

However, after watching a clip of eight-year-old Sophia Grace and her five-year-old cousin interviewing celebrities on the red carpet of the AMAs for Ellen, I needed to know who this Sophie Grace was, and why I suddenly felt compelled to make her my new best friend.

The internet tells me that Sophia Grace and Rosie became a viral internet sensation after Sophia Grace’s parents (who maintain her YouTube account) posted a video of her singing and rapping Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”.

Please, observe:

Then, because she is so absolutely and undeniably amazing (as are Rosie’s bad-ass movements and dancing), Ellen brought them on her show. Ellen has a (fantastic) habit of bringing young YouTube stars on her show, introducing them to their musical idols, and then helping to launch their career. (Remember Greyson Chance?)

The girls showed up on Ellen in their “costumes” - pink, fluffy tutus and gigantic glittery tiaras. The girls explained that they love pink, they love fluffy dresses, and they’re not ashamed of it. They sat there chatting with Ellen more comfortably than most adults would, and performed with the gusto and dedication usually only seen by seasoned pop stars like Lady Gaga.

And then, because this is Ellen, you can imagine what happened next:

After all of the Nicki Minaj “Super Bass” hoopla, the girls were then brought back to work as Ellen’s red carpet correspondents at the AMAs, which as I mentioned before, is how I first spotted them.

All I can say, is that I love them. 

No, Sophia Grace doesn’t understand what “Super Bass” is about. No, Rosie doesn’t understand that one day she will grow tired of being just a “Hype Man” and get sick or never being able to get a word in around Sophia Grace. But, Sophia Grace’s confidence, her self entitlement, her attitude and her obvious talent are so, so refreshing. I don’t know what her parents did to help her turn in to such a pink, tutued fireball, but I love it.

Now let’s just hope she follow’s Minaj’s advice of staying in school, putting her books first and her singing second.

Wed, 23 Nov 2011 16:11 (GMT+00)
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I really want to know who these parents are. The energy these little girls have is amazing! I love them! I've seen criticism about these girls listening to these songs, but you're right, they don't know what they're singing about. Let them enjoy it!

Wed, 15-Feb-2012 17:39 GMT

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