Surgeon Gives 12-year-old Girls Breast Implants to "Improve Their Quality of Life"

By Cate Sevilla

Growing up, we either were the girl or were friends with the girl that always got made fun of for being "flat as a board". Those of us who developed later in our teens know how irritating and rough on your self esteem it can be to have everyone pointing out that you haven't blossomed at the same rate as your peers.

However, when we were 12, how many of our parents would have let us get boob jobs?

Dr. Douglas McGeorge, the President of the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, will happily give a 12-year-old girl with "confidence issues" breast implants, and he says that it has an "immensely positive impact" on their "quality of life". 

McGeorge says that plastic surgery on a young girls'  still developing  breast tissue is "necessary"  when "one breast is developing and the other is not".

OK, McAss, let's be real here: I started developing breasts when I was about 10-years-old. One started to grow before the other. Sure it worried me - but I was assured the other one would catch up. And lo and behold, it did! How do you know that  a young girls' other breast isn't going to kick in? Why not fucking wait and find out instead of just cutting her open and stuffing some saline filled tit-shaped bags in her young chest?

But, as you can imagine, Dr. Douglas doesn't see anything wrong with what he's doing. He strongly believes he is truly helping these young people:

"This reconstructive procedure allows them to have a normal adolescence. They can undress in the changing room. You think about children whose ears stick out, it's the same thing. There's a lot of stigma attached to appearance."

Really? There's a lot of stigma attached to appearance? Huh. Maybe that's why thousands of girls around the world are currently hanging their heads over toilets and throwing up their lunch. You sure think deep, McDouche.

Yes, you're right, a child with ears that stick out and gets made fun of for it is the same as a child who gets made fun of for developing later - but surgery is not the answer.

What about counseling? What about raising our children in such a way that they are more resilient to the "stigma" attached to appearance? What about putting more emphasis on their personalities and intelligence than their looks?

What seems easier? Taking your little girl in your arms and telling her that her body is perfect the way it is. That she is smart and funny and that it doesn't matter what those kids say because she will grow into her looks -  and working with her every single day and encouraging her and talking to her about what she's feeling...

Or sending her to some hospital, where some money hungry, deranged asshole will perform surgery on her and permanently alter the way she looks forever?

What sort of message does that send her?

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Thu, 28 Aug 2008 13:30 (GMT+01)
4 Responses

Hell, the girls and boys I went to school with would have made more fun of me had I had implants rather than lopsided tits.

The question needs to be raised though, if you are a young girl and your parents refuse to get you implants while all your friends are getting them, what does that do for self esteem?

I shouldn't be surprised that this is happening to young girls. I am, but I shouldn't be.

Thu, 28-Aug-2008 12:58 GMT

Man, that's not even right. If it's illegal for a 12-year-old girl's boyfriend to feel up her boobs, why is this freak allowed to cut them open? We should throw this doctor in jail and change the laws so 12-year-old girls can have harmless fun with their boyfriends.

Sun, 11-Jan-2009 10:22 GMT

I think it is fine to get boob jobs at 12 because then we can have sex earlier and feel that GREAT FEELING during it which is awsome!!!! We just want to have sex so we get boob jobs to make it come faster.

Sun, 05-Apr-2009 23:12 GMT

I think anything that enhance;s a girl apperance is fine,,,At 12 girl begin to care how pretty they are,,they dabble with make up and big ear rings,,,hair styles,nice dresses and skirts,,even shoe with a high heel,,,and of cource,,they begin to notice that boy next door,,,It;s a new age,,,where having sex at 12 is more heard of,,,,Also girls that age form clicks with certain friends,,Ussually 3,4,5,girsl that hang constantly together,,,and if one or two are deleveloping faster,,the others alway want to compete and look as good,,,also there;s that bullying factor,,no one picks on a pretty girl,,,,that just the way it is,,I.m for anything that keep a young girl on track to become a sucessful woman,,.

Dorathy Jayne Frost
Fri, 06-Jul-2012 13:40 GMT

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