The Week of Ranting Celebrities and Dictators

By Charlotta Hedman

Has everyone gone mad? Or is it just some kind of strange astrological occurrence that's suddenly made celebrities and dictators lose their marbles? First Charlie Sheen, then John Galliano and of course Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi.

Anyone who's seen the video of John Galliano drunkenly stating that he loves Hitler might question if the whole thing is a set-up. The camera is steady, the women in the video seem to be goading him, Galliano is clearly very drunk. It doesn't excuse his behaviour, but it makes you wonder where all of these leaks and videos came from in the first place. Maybe Dior were tired of their flamboyant main man? Maybe it was time for a change and Galliano's distasteful behaviour was a good excuse to give him the boot.

Charlie Sheen got the same treatment and his hit TV comedy Two and a Half Men was cancelled after an antisemitic rant about the show's producer during a radio interview. Sheen's also claimed to have a 10 000-year-old brain and tiger blood.

If you're a Hollywood celeb you must understand that those kind of statements wont be treated nicely by the media. At least Joaquin Phoenix was able to shave off his beard and go “the joke's on you, I was only mad in order to make an introspective documentary about fame, muahaha”. Sheen doesn't seem to have that excuse. And neither does the Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi who has compared himself to the Queen of England and declared that he will fight until he dies for Libya, a country that is rapidly descending into civil war.

Sheen and Gadaffi aren't that different in their madness. At least not according to The Guardian, who have put together this Sheen vs Gadaffi quiz. But where Sheen is a minor Hollywood celeb that will only cause a sales spike for US magazine with his latest bout of madness, Gadaffi is a dictator, controlling the faiths of millions of lives. Lets just hope the madness ends soon.

Charlotta Hedman is a news journalist in London, you can follow her on twitter @fjoms.

Image via Markus Bollingmo's Flickr.

Wed, 02 Mar 2011 15:37 (GMT+00)
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