The BitchBuzz Manifesto

By Cate Sevilla

BitchBuzz was born out of our frustration with the female and feminist blogospheres.  So many websites and blogs claim to be “sex positive”, “feminist”, or “empowering” (or even “entertaining”) and we’ve found that they’re about as big of a letdown as *firming* cellulite creams.

All we wanted was a funny, informative, feisty website for women that covered all of the things we were interested in. After years of looking, all we found were websites that were either overly snarky, ridiculously serious, or disappointingly fluffy. This proved especially difficult when trying to find like-minded women’s websites and magazines for us to write for.

It was the ultimate dilemma: did we choose to we sell our souls and write for a publication or website that we didn’t 100% believe in – or do we take a chance, and try to create our own?
We chose the latter, and that’s how BitchBuzz was created.

 We wanted a website that we not only felt passionate about and proud to write for, but a site that we actually wanted to read. We don’t see why women should have to go hopping all over the internet to find the latest news and gossip on one site, a delicious cocktail recipe on another, and a fantastic, vintage halter dress on yet another. We wanted BitchBuzz to be a kind of “one-stop-shop” website where women could find all the things they were interested all under one, sassy domain. Ambitious, but possible (at least we like to think so).

Deciding what exactly BitchBuzz would cover was a very hard decision. When asked what our site would be about in the past, the only answer we could think of was “everything” – clearly, an impossible task. Finally, we managed to narrow it down to seven sections: News, Life, Style, Tech, Sex, Home and Culture.

Essentially, BitchBuzz is a blog, but we didn’t just want to create another blog that looked and felt like every other site out there. Therefore, we decided to create seven “mini-blogs” that would all operate under the same beliefs, tone, style, and attitude. We thought this was a much more original way of organizing and separating our content than creating several uber niche blogs with an infinite amount of categories.

Femi-what? Femi-who?

We’ve been asked a lot if it’s OK to be a part of the BitchBuzz community if you don’t label or call yourself a “feminist”.  Allow us to clear a few things up:
 At its core, BitchBuzz is a website based on feminist values. The dictionary describes feminism as “the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes” and that’s a belief that we can totally get behind. Of course, we add race, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, and other categories to that – but you get the point.

However, through different feminist movements, that definition has become a lot more complicated. There seem to be many rules and restrictions inflicted on your lifestyle choices by other people when you label yourself a feminist. So, we can totally appreciate that a lot of women, no matter how much they believe in the core of feminism, just don’t want to label themselves as such.

Personally we’re not all that into labels or pigeonholing, either, so it doesn’t matter to us what you call yourself. Call yourself whatever you like.  As long as you believe in empowering women and giving women a provocative, intelligent, punchy place to thrive online – you’re right in line with the BitchBuzz ideals.

Who writes this shit?

The BitchBuzz Team is composed of a diverse group of passionate, opinionated female writers that are fed up with blogs and magazines for women that promise to be different, and end up making us feel like crap. We're not interested in being perfect feminists: We knit, we bake, we fuck, and we blog. In short, we do whatever makes us happy and encourage other women to do the same.

It’s our mission to provide women like you with something that's real, honest, and entertaining. We’re not just going to promise you that we're going to be *different* or *not patronizing like women's magazines* - we’ll actually do it.

This is what BitchBuzz is all about. We live and breathe this shit, and are so honored to have so many women all across the world anticipating our debut.  So, here it goes..

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to BitchBuzz!

Wed, 06 Aug 2008 21:59 (GMT+01)
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