Where Have all the Gay TV Characters Gone?

By Cate Sevilla

Aside from half of the Glee cast and Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family, how many gay or bisexual characters on American TV can you name?

According to GLADD’s latest “Where We Are on TV” report, this should be a bit difficult as apparently as only 19 out of this season’s nearly 650 roles on scripted broadcast network shows are gay or bisexual characters. Even worse only five out of those 19 characters are nonwhite. Let’s hear it for diversity and acceptance! *deflated balloon*

The number of LGBT roles on TV has even declined from the 3 per cent in the 2009-10 season and 3.9 per cent last season, and surprisingly, it’s FOX that has the most gay characters. Who knew. 

Even more surprising is that the report revealed the number of gay and bisexual characters on cable networks has also fallen, as now instead of having 35 gay or bisexual characters there are only 29 in the upcoming season. 

True Blood and Shameless both tied for having the most gay or bisexual characters, clocking in at six.

Take a look at the (incredibly white) characters below...

2011 - 2012 LGBT Characters On Primetime Scripted Television

Thu, 29 Sep 2011 18:00 (GMT+01)
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