Will Alex Chung's "Thrift America" be a Hit?

By Cate Sevilla

Oh, state-side readers, you’re in for a treat.


You all of course know who Alexa Chung is, right? Despite being a model and over every other cover of every other magazine, girlfriend isn’t just a model, she’s a TV presenter. Once the presenter of the now cancelled series It’s On with Alexa Chung, she now has a gig hosting Gonzo – a show I’m not entirely sure anyone watches...or even knows what channel it’s on. (MTV Rocks, apparently.)

Now Alexa will be hosting a new TV series in the States called Thrift America where she’ll...well, thrift her way across America. Yes, it’s a fashion reality TV show, and yes it’s on PBS. The same channel Sesame Street is on.

Reactions to Thrift America have been varied.

Jezebel point out how being a well-dressed it girl doesn’t exactly “explain her bona-fides as a thrift shopper”. The Telegraph tell us that it’s now unlikely that “her anonymity in the US will last much longer”, and The Huffington Post just linked to the New York Times as they usually do, so it remains unclear if they're a fan, or if they even know who Alexa is.

Personally, I’m rather ambivalent about Alexa Chung. She seems smart, she dresses really well, she cut in front of me once in a queue during London Fashion Week...but other than thinking she’s cute and that she has a very tiny bum (she was wearing skin-tight leggings when she was ushered past me in said queue) – who is to say that this show won’t be a hit?

So what if she doesn’t have any “thrifting credentials” like Jezebel suggest. There are plenty of less-than-rich gals in the US, and having a well-dressed and good looking Brit giving them tips on how to thrift will probably go down really well.

The show has the potential to dry up quickly and I wonder how much juice they'll be able to get out of thrifting across the US, as surely, if you don’t run out if ideas, you’ll at some point run out of States. But I’m very curious to see how Chung will do, if not specifically in some of the dire Good Will shops that the US has to offer.

What are your thoughts? Would you watch Alexa’s new show?

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Tue, 30 Nov 2010 16:00 (GMT+00)
2 Responses

So aside from the fact that a lot of people would watch poop come out of her bum if it was an option, I think the show has some potential.

I don't think you need thrifting credentials to go thrifting. You just need taste and an "eye" for style. I think she's already proved she had this. As you said, she is clever, she is cute and sometimes she is even funny - that's a good mix for a show in the US.

The only thing is that I think that may have been done already by the Teen Vogue team, not as a reality TV show, but as a series of blog post. I seem to remember they involved Elisabeth from White Lightning, but my memory is a bit fuzzy so don't take my word for it.

I know that I'd definitely watch the show because I am curious to see what she'd come up with when faced with really bad thrift stores. Also, if that means she is going to middle America to thrift with hicks, I am so IN.

Tue, 30-Nov-2010 16:36 GMT

Hey can we all please remember Alexa actually has a stylist?! Alexa is no more fashionable than someone who has their clothes picked out for them everyday by a professional. I feel sorry for her stylist who must constantly feel unrecognised for all her hard work.
Stacey x

Fri, 17-Dec-2010 11:36 GMT

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