Good Shoes for Bad Weather

I always think that the TV show Dancing on Ice is rather over ambitious. For me, a show called Walking on Ice would provide adequate danger, moving narratives of overcoming personal adversity and mild peril. Celebrities would be forced to do simple tasks like walking to shops – only with the pavements replaced by sheet ice. The skill would lie in the right choice of footwear.

15 Jan 2013 14:30 GMT

Stylish Accessories For Your Work Wardrobe

The cold winter mornings are making it harder and harder to drag ourselves into work. With little to look forward to in bleak January except the next credit card bill, perhaps now is the best time to smarten up your work wardrobe with accessories that will make it a treat to leave your house in the morning.

14 Jan 2013 12:30 GMT

The Lush Spa Gift Box

If you're looking to overcome the ridiculous cold and dry weather, a spot of pampering at home courtesy of the Lush Spa will do the trick! The new Lush Spa gift box comes in a little brown parcel, filled with different treatments and experiences, and serves as the perfect way to sample the Lush Spa's fantastic treatments. 

10 Jan 2013 16:45 GMT

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Planning what to wear for weddings can be a bit stressful at the best of times. Unless the marriage ends in a sticky divorce, then those wedding photos last forever, so you'll probably want to look your best, yes? But, when you throw in the always unpredictable British weather, this delicate operation can be truly daunting. Read our winter wedding fashion guide to banish your frocking woes. Just don't try wearing them all at once.

24 Dec 2012 10:00 GMT

The Very Best Christmas Jumpers

In my book, Christmas dressing isn’t just about glittery party frocks that never quite fit or clumpy false lashes – December ‘tis the month to don comfortable, novelty clothes that can be thrown on and lounged in - ideally on the sofa, post-festive dinner, when the only right thing to do is snooze.

13 Dec 2012 17:00 GMT

Festive Sparkle: Christmas Beauty Products

I don't know about you guys, but as soon as December rolls around I feel an overwhelming urge for all that glitters. Now I'm 35, so it's been a few years since it's been socially/professionally acceptable for me to lay on the sparkles but for some reason, it seems to be commonly understood that the usual make up rules do not apply in December.

12 Dec 2012 16:00 GMT

Couture-Inspired Christmas Party Dresses

It's the most wonderful time of the year, as they say. And it can also be the most glamorous, depending on if you can be bothered to take off your onesie.  The trends this month are all about bling and sparkle as the high street is awash with sequins, jewels, velvet, golds, reds, and decadent prints.

03 Dec 2012 15:30 GMT

Loungewear You Can Actually Wear in Public

Loungewear is usually used as a code word for pajamas  When I think of loungewear, a few visuals usually pop to mind. One being orange-skinned, ratty-haired, hungover students with eyeliner halfway down their face and their unwashed sweatpants shoved into the tops of their knock-off Uggs. The other being neon coloured tracksuits that are more familiar with the booths at McDonalds than an actual track. 

29 Nov 2012 14:05 GMT

BitchBuzz's Winter Skin Guide

While this time of year may mean joy, festivities and plenty of delicious food it's not very kind to the skin. (Or your hair, either, for that matter.)  There are plenty of products out there that claim to be "kind to skin" or say that they "traps in moisture" like your face is some sort of zip-lock bag, but you don't really know about a product unless you've tried it. 

26 Nov 2012 15:15 GMT

Rockalily Cuts: The Brilliant Retro Salon

Rockalily Cuts only opened the doors to its East London salon earlier this year, but already has a loyal and ever-growing clientele. There are a number of reasons for this.  Firstly, the shop is owned and managed by the lovely Ree Ree Rockette, known to many for her fabulous range of Rockalily lipsticks and many more for founding the "Won...

23 Nov 2012 15:30 GMT

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