Catwalk-Inspired Craft Projects That Don't Suck

By Rachael Gibson

 The 'R' word doesn't have to mean missing out on all this season's hottest trends -- armed with a glue gun and a pair of scissors, you'll soon be crafting your way to catwalk style.

It’s not all about macramé and pasta necklaces, either. Here are six of the best cheap and, more importantly for vacuous types such as myself, cool, craft projects, scoured from the finest crafting blogs of the world.

 Trend 1: Corsages

…as seen at Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabana Corsage

Make your own with…

These clear and concise instructions from Laura’s Sewing Room. Easy to follow and easy to make with any scraps of fabric you have knocking around in order to match your outfit/hair/drink.

Trend 2: Fascinators

….as seen at Luella

Luella Fascinator

 Make your own with…

This slightly more lengthy tutorial from Burda Style. There are more steps, and you’ll need a glue gun (or at least super-strength superglue) but it’s really clearly done and the photos are great. I’m pretty excited to give this a try this weekend with an old milk carton!

Trend 3: Floral Accessories

…as seen at Diane Von Furstenberg

Floral Accessories - DVF

Make your own with…

This mega easy and super popular guide from Corvus Tristis. OK, not a million miles from the above – more a combination of the two, maybe? Still, the results are very pretty and should inspire you, as they did me, to not waste £15 on floral hairclips in Topshop.

Trend 4: Turbans

… as seen at Dries Van Noten

Turban - Dries Van Noten

Make your own with…

The hilarious underpants as headgear guide from Fashionista. Yours in a matter of minutes! If you don’t have granny pants to hand, or just don’t fancy wearing the ones that you do have wrapped around your head, try this equally nifty guide from Newest Wrinkle on LJ.  

Trend 5: Romantic texture

…as seen at Christian Lacroix

Romantic Texture - Christian Lacroix

Make your own with…

The now famous, totally epic, shower flower experiment at Kingdom of Style. I’ve been gagging to try this one since I first saw it posted but somehow doubt I will carry it off with the same panache as Queen Michelle.

Trend 6: Bows

…as seen at Lanvin

Bows - Lanvin

Make your own with…

This slightly more advanced than usual bow technique from Instructables. With the aid of a glue gun, or even a humble safety pin, you could make hundreds of these and attach them to everything you own….

Images c/o Chris Moore/Catwalking


Tue, 06 Jan 2009 11:49 (GMT+00)
4 Responses

Loving that fascinator, it will be perfect for my credit crunch wedding this summer...

Tue, 06-Jan-2009 12:35 GMT

Great post Rachael!! These ideas are awesome. You've totally inspired me to be crafty!

Tue, 06-Jan-2009 14:56 GMT

Fabulous list! I am definitely going to have to make myself a fascinator.

rosina rubylips
Wed, 07-Jan-2009 01:45 GMT

I'm even more inspired to bejewel a pair of pumps like Lanvin!

Wed, 07-Jan-2009 02:47 GMT

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