Couture-Inspired Christmas Party Dresses

By Charlotte Rowland

It's the most wonderful time of the year, as they say. And it can also be the most glamorous, depending on if you can be bothered to take off your onesie. 

The trends this month are all about bling and sparkle as the high street is awash with sequins, jewels, velvet, golds, reds, and decadent prints.

As the Christmas party season descends, here's my pick of this year's best buys and trends...



Rock some baroque!

Whether it's on a bodycon...

Baroque Bodycon

Black Baroque Sequin Bodycon Dress, River Island, £38; Ecote Magic Carpet Dress, Urban Outfitters, £58

Or something more structured...

Structured Baroque

Skater Dress in Baroque Print, ASOS - £65; Tulip Dress in Jacquard, ASOS - £85; A-Wear Jacquard; Cocoon Dress, ASOS - £60

Glisten in a shower of sequins

Sequined Dresses

Skater Dress in Holographic Sequin, ASOS, £220; Emerald Draped Sleeved Dress, H&M, £39.99; Contrasted Sequins Velvet Dress, Mango, £79.99


Enhance the elegance of a traditional black dress, with this some special additions– baroque, jewels, and velvet.

Black Dresses

Jewelled Chiffon Gown, Mango, £159.99; Baroque Cutwork Lace Tutu, Karen Millen, £235 (and considerably cheaper in some other stores); Crushed Velvet Black Midi Dress, Topshop, £34

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