Dogs are SO Hot Right Now!

By Cate Sevilla

Ladies, throw away your Alexa bags and get that top-knot off your silly little head immediately! The lastest must-have accessory isn’t a bag named after some bland celebrity or a hairstyle made popular by a pigeon-toed-posing fashion blogger - it’s something else entirely

While this new accessory isn’t exactly new, and is mildly difficult to maintain (i.e. it poops) just think of it as vintage and being charmingly high maintenance...

Darlings, you must get yourself a little dog.

Yes, I know. Paris Hilton made little dogs all the rage back in the early noughties by carrying around her poor chihuahua Tinkerbell like some short-haired, shivering, bug-eyed clutch. However, while Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton may have made toting your pup around in a couture bag seem, um, trashy, fashion houses are now embracing the trend and banking in on its Woof Factor.

Louis Vuitton know that what the people want isn’t Madonna’s bionic arms and thighs of steel - but pekingeses and pugs.

Dogs are SO HOT Right Now!
Dogs are SO HOT Right Now!

Clarks are like, yeah, our shoes may be known for being slightly orthopedic but god damnit Mary Portas is designg for us! HERE! HAVE A YORKSHIRE TERRIER!

Dogs are SO HOT Right Now!

Sure, making couture dog carriers worked for the likes of Jaeger and LV, and Mulberry has had little dogs on their runway and at their shows for seasons, but now they must be in the ads. It is what the people want!

However, this fashionable canine trend won’t come as a surprise to longtime blogger Butters, internet sensation Boo, Moshi Monster star McNulty and even newcomer Lenny. They’ve known they’ve been bang on trend for a while. (Bark on trend? Woof on trend? I'm out of dog jokes.)

Just please do not use this as an excuse to set up a Twitter account for your pup and start referring to yourself as "Mommy". It's only cute for a handful of dog owners, and I've pretty much listed them above. Yes, I am a bitch. (Ah! I found another dog joke. Well done, me.)

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