Fuck the Finances: Nivea’s Diamond-Encrusted Jar of Expert Lift

By Laura Silver

In the same way that calories don’t count on your birthday, excessive purchases are perfectly acceptable if the proceeds go to charity. So, for the love of charity, feast your eyes on this delightfully decadent pot of Nivea Expert Lift.

In an attempt to diminish La Prairie’s, by comparison bargalicious, Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, and to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, Nivea has encrusted a solid white gold lid of a pot of Expert Lift with 441 ethically sourced diamonds. The blingtastic edition of Nivea’s classic moisturiser will be auctioned off at a charity dinner next month, and is expected to fetch £80,000 (that’s $120,000 over in the USofA) for the charity! Stick it on your Christmas list, because you know, it’s for the good of others, like one of those Oxfam Goats.

Image via The Beauty Pages

Wed, 19 Nov 2008 09:50 (GMT+00)
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