How to Get Sherlock Holmes's Style

By Cate Sevilla

I am obsessed with Sherlock. It’s the truth. 

I am obsessed to the point where I will turn any conversation with any given person into a conversation about show. I look my company in the eye with an intense seriousness and whisper, “You watched Sherlock, right?” If they say yes, we hold hands and squeal and write fan fiction together about what we’d do with Mr Holmes if only he weren’t gay.

And if they tell me that NO! They had not watched Sherlock and is it any good? I throw my drink in their face, delete them from my Facebook friends and declare them an imbecile.

I could go on for hours about why I love Sherlock and Benedict "The Hottest Detective EVER" Cumberbatch, but one of the main things I love about him is, naturally, his style. The stylists at BBC really knocked themselves out with Sherlock’s sense of fashion – ties, very smart aubergine colored shirts, knitted scarves – all dapper, all stunning, all very, very Sherlock-esque. But the best part about Sherlock’s look is that magnificent coat he wears.

You know the one I’m talking about. It’s blue. It’s wool. It's the only coat in the world that can actually evoke a positive sexual reaction to tweed.

The good news? Now you can force your boyfriend to wear it and make subtle hints that he should really dress up more often.... and let his hair grow a bit.... and also decide to fight crime and become a consulting detective.

Sherlock’s coat is made by Belstaff, and its official name is the Belstaff Millford Jacket.

Belstaff Millford Jacket

Made of pure wool Irish tweed, the Millford jacket is also waterproof as its tweed is bnded with ultra-light microporous film. Sure, this delightful coat will set you back £1,350 – but it’s the same coat as Sherlock wears. *faints*

If for some reason you have just over £1,000 to burn, why not head over to Belstaff's shop on Conduit Street in London.

Or, if you don’t have a rich boyfriend who can afford the coat or have not a man that you can force it upon – Belstaff also have a couple of coats for women that are very Benedicty. Unfortunately, they don’t just do a female version of the Millford coat, but these two come very close.

The Carter Coat

Belstaff Carter Coat

The Common Coat

Belstaff Common Coat
Thu, 12 Aug 2010 10:00 (GMT+01)
4 Responses

Those are pretty awesome coats. I'm down. Does anyone do them for £300 kinda money?

Thu, 12-Aug-2010 09:07 GMT

Not that I know of. Shall have a look 'round the internet. Or, maybe we could get like five of us to buy one and share?

Thu, 12-Aug-2010 09:27 GMT

I'll take Mondays please! :)

Thu, 12-Aug-2010 15:55 GMT

Bad news. Belstaff have discontinued the Milford =(

Fri, 07-Jan-2011 21:25 GMT

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