Loungewear You Can Actually Wear in Public

By Cate Sevilla

Loungewear is usually used as a code word for pajamas  When I think of loungewear, a few visuals usually pop to mind. One being orange-skinned, ratty-haired, hungover students with eyeliner halfway down their face and their unwashed sweatpants shoved into the tops of their knock-off Uggs. The other being neon coloured tracksuits that are more familiar with the booths at McDonalds than an actual track. 

But, my friends, loungewear isn't just for the lazy or people who can't be bothered to put on clothes before heading to Tesco. There is a kind of loungewear that exists for normal people who would like to wear clothing that is both socially acceptable, and free of harsh waistbands, clasps and denim. Loungewear is also for those of us who are training or go to the gym a lot, as it's exactly what you want to put on after a hard work out. (Have you tried to put on a pair of skinny jeans after spin class? Do you really want t be wrestling with body-control tights after Body Pump? NO. NO YOU DON'T.)

Loungewear is not meant to be the same as pajamas  but it's also not meant to be what you wear to visit your gran. However, if you'd like to own some loungewear that you can go down the shop in, have company suddenly show up without feeling embarrassed  or accept a delivery from FedEx without feeling like you're that girl in McDonalds, this is for you.

Here are my favourite picks of the best loungewear available...

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty Loungewear

1. Lindy Seamless Legging Tight, £45

2. Hawk's Seamless LS Top, £49

3. Apres Ski Sock, £12

Uni Qlo

Uni Qlo Loungewear

1. HEATTECH Lounge Cardigan, £19.90

2. HEATTECH Knitted Tights, £12.90

3. HEATTECH Crew Neck T-Shirt, £19.90

The North Face

North Face Loungewear

1. Crescent Sunshine Pullover Hoodie, £80

2. Midweight Skiing Socks, £18

3. Flux Power Stretch Fleece Pants, £80


ADIDAS Loungewear

1. Knit Dress, £35

2. Xmas Leggings, £40

3.  Sherpa-lined Hooded Cardigan, £60


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