Why You Should Treat Yourself to Big Knickers

I never thought I would be one of those women.You know the type, those who are always chirping on about how much they love embarrassingly large knickers. Those who are so proud that their pants could comfortably house a family of five.But here I am. I confess it. I love huge knickers. 

10 Oct 2011 18:13 GMT

Paris Fashion Week: Croissants and Chanel

If you are of the fashion persuasion you will undoubtedly know that all things are go in the chicest city of them all, Paris. Ah Non? Well, let me fill you in. Unfortunately, I am not reporting from the front line of fashion this week, my Chanel invite must have got lost in the post. But hell, who needs to be there when you can follow Anna Dello Russo on Twitter? Her fashion musings, not to mentioned avant garde ensembles (last year she worn an apple on her head!) are enough to get you...

07 Oct 2011 08:45 GMT

Three Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect Hat

If you live in the west of Ireland, you discover quickly why hats are a better idea than brollies; the gales in Galway are powerful! Most blustery days the wreckage of ruined umbrellas becomes a common sight. My visitors last weekend discovered this quickly, one of whom used our lazy morning to buy a nice new hat.

06 Oct 2011 16:00 GMT

Ayten Gasson's Gorgeous Lingerie Gift Boxes

Choosing a gift for a female friend or loved-one can be a tricky business indeed. As the festive season starts to approach, many stores begin stocking Christmas gift sets to assist the indecisive in the difficult task of present buying, but do they say anything to the recipient other than "I couldn't think of anything better"?

05 Oct 2011 16:00 GMT

The Jumper Parade!

There’s nothing cozier than a winter jumper. You don’t even need to be sitting in front of a real fireplace or drinking hot chocolate while lying face down on a bear skin rug being fed marshmallows by the handful. Strange fantasies aside, every year I look forward to wearing my autumn/winter wardrobe and getting out my cosy jumpers along with a new coat, boots, opaque tights and hat.

04 Oct 2011 09:00 GMT

Kleenex's New Skincare Range

Skincare products are things I generally do not trust.They all claim to have “purifying properties” and “DNA advantage” and “scientifically proven” capabilities that never do what they say they will, and instead clog my pores, dry out my skin, and leave a hefty dent in my wallet. (Have you seen how expensive some of these products are?!)

03 Oct 2011 13:13 GMT

Our Interview with Designer Carlotta Gherzi

For another season, London Fashion Week is behind us. But as the last stray sequin is cleared off the catwalk and the best of F-Row jet off to Paris, its time to look back, reminisce and start planning next season's most coveted essentials, obviously!With LFW fresh in my mind I was lucky enough to steal a moment with Carlotta Gherzi. Her show for SADO, the highlight of Friday evening at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, previewed everything from colour blocking orange (the colour to invest in fo...

30 Sep 2011 09:00 GMT

Dogs are SO Hot Right Now!

Ladies, throw away your Alexa bags and get that top-knot off your silly little head immediately! The lastest must-have accessory isn’t a bag named after some bland celebrity or a hairstyle made popular by a pigeon-toed-posing fashion blogger - it’s something else entirely. While this new accessory isn’t exactly new, and is mildly difficult to maintain (i.e. it poops) just think of it as vintage and being charmingly high maintenance...

28 Sep 2011 13:22 GMT

The Joys of a Bad Taste Manicure

My nails have never been subtle. From the day I first discovered the term “squoval” as a teenager, my nails have been my pride and joy. Aged 14, lumbered with terrible skin and an unfortunate fringe, nails were my thing.I’d file them every night and push back my cuticles. I’d apply oils and lotions to help cultivate perfect white half moons at the base. I’d buff them to a shine and spend hours perfecting a French Manicu...

26 Sep 2011 11:11 GMT

Lisa Simpson Endorses This Shoe

I don’t know about you, but when I am in need of a fabulous new pair of platform heels for fall, the first thing I wonder is:  “What would Lauren Conrad wear?” And when I get hungry at night and start cooking dinner, I think: “What would Eva Longoria eat?” And when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and see ...

23 Sep 2011 17:00 GMT

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