The Season's Sassy New Necklines

Remember the days when necklines had very little to do with necks? When dresses depended on double-sided tape to keep them in place? When necklines plunged down towards navel level and life was lived in fear of unintentional flashes of not so tantalising flesh-toned bra cup? Everything was a blur of bronzed Glamazons in Versace and putting on an evening dress involved hours of intricate underwear engineering.

15 Aug 2011 12:00 GMT

Trendy Nail Polish Colours for Autumn

Scarlet, chestnut and barely there peach are the signature shades of the season ahead - for your nails, that is.Working in fashion, I’m used to hearing about the designer, coat and even model of the season. But in recent years office chat has turned its attention to beauty and in particular, nail polish. It appears that must-have nail polish shades are leading the way in making one colour hot and others not each season.

11 Aug 2011 14:00 GMT

The Unfortunate Return of Hot Pants

"Hot Pants", "Daisy Dukes", "The Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread"... no matter what you call them, short shorts are back. And for most of us, this isn't a good thing. Even if you think it might be.The shorts women are wearing nowadays are so short they barely cover their bum cheeks, and if a woman has any sort of curves or, dare I say, fat around the rear, it's on show like an unholy circus act.

10 Aug 2011 15:30 GMT

The Best of the High Street

The British High Street is one of the best things about shopping in the UK. In North America I struggled to find affordable, directional clothing that inspired me to get out my credit card. Most of the time, even in New York, many of my friends found that finding original, well-designed clothing can get really  expensive and isn’t easy on a budget. 

09 Aug 2011 11:00 GMT

The Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Collection

Back in 2010 Amy Winehouse collaborated with Fred Perry to design and model three forthcoming collections up to and including Autumn Winter 2012. Amy's family have given Fred Perry their blessing to move forward with the collection, saying: 

08 Aug 2011 12:00 GMT

AW11 Trends: Fetish Fashion

One of the most striking trends for Autumn/Winter 2011 is the surprisingly named "fetish". A monochrome mix of black leather, straps, sheer fabrics and visible lingerie, along with a dash of mess-with-me-and-I'll-hurt you; this is the trend to bring out the Domme in us all. However, it could be a tricky look to pull off without looking like like you haven't bothered at all, or ending up like an extra in a Rihanna or Lady Gaga video. Especially when you only have the high street to hand.

05 Aug 2011 15:00 GMT

Faux Fur & Snakeskin: Would You Wear It?

Apparently this season we're all meant to be unleashing our wild side, with faux fur, leopard print and snakeskin – all worn together. It's true.If you’re anything like me, the mere notion of leopard print or anything remotely animal themed, hails connotations to Bette Lynch off Coronation Street circa 1985. But breathe a sigh of relief as animal print and all things animal receives a modern and stylish update for 2011. Still not convinced? Then look towards catwalk ...

05 Aug 2011 09:37 GMT

Ladylike Patterns, Silhouettes and Skirts

Dressing like a lady can be a real rarity nowadays. Anyone who loves to watch costume films has muttered under their breath about how they wished society still enjoyed dressing up like ladies and old school gentlemen. The corsets, bustles, full skirts, hoop skirts and hair ornaments - getting ready in the 19th century was a production in itself.

02 Aug 2011 12:00 GMT

Get Your Spots Out!

Fashion is literally seeing spots this season. From bright and bold polka dots to Dalmatian-style monochrome spots; no matter how you wear it this season, have your have spots on full show. It seems even the simplest of prints can become a trend, as the case may be for the humble spot. Dare I say one of the easiest  fashion trend to pull off this Autumn Winter, spots are the epitome of wearing a trend with ease. In fact I’d be surpris...

01 Aug 2011 08:31 GMT

All Natural Beauty Boosters

Over the years, I’ve gone to great lengths to improve the appearance of my skin, hair and nails – but of all the things I’ve tried, namely expensive products and treatments, it has been the  inclusion of a number of ‘superfoods’ to my diet that has made a real difference. Some of these foods are nutrition powerhouses - that is, ounce for ounce they contain more vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals than other foods, or they bring hard-to-get nutrients to the table. Because of their tas...

27 Jul 2011 15:22 GMT

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