Forever 21 Opens on Oxford Street

If shopping at Primark isn't your bag, but you can't afford Topshop's increasingly arrogant prices, you'll be pleased to know that Forever 21 has finally, finally come to Oxford Street in London.

27 Jul 2011 12:00 GMT

How Much Would you Spend on a Bag?

What is it about a handbag that makes a woman pay over £1000 pounds for it? I like to think that I’m an unpretentious person, not  designer or label obsessed although I do love fashion and appreciate quality design. Saying this though, my obsession with handbags leads me to buy a whole lot of bags but never to buy a super expensive  designer one.

26 Jul 2011 15:23 GMT

Eastern Influence: Kimono Jackets & Obi Belts

This season there is a distinct oriental flavour to fashion proceeding. From kimono jackets and origami pleats to obi belts and tassels; it appears fashion is heading East for Spring/Summer '11. First spotted on the catwalk last winter, fashion editors and fashion fans alike have been waiting patiently to don their eastern inspired outfits for summer. Leaving the head-to-toe ensembles to them; this trend is feminine, colourful and most importantly a keeper! (Buy it now and keep forever...

22 Jul 2011 11:21 GMT

Return of The Prep

Never has the rise of the preppy been so meteoric both on the runways and on the high street.  But ever since Prince William popped the question last year to the immaculately groomed Kate Middleton, the preppy look (or “Sloaney” look in London) has quickly  gained momentum, nary a hair out of place on its way to the top - only running as fast as a slim wedge would allow, of course.  Recent runway trends show that this look will never die as long as Ralph Lauren has anything to say about it.

19 Jul 2011 13:00 GMT

The Beauty Secrets Hidden in Your Kitchen

For years cosmetic companies have claimed to have found the secret to eternal youth, bouncy hair and skin so smooth it gleams – but after splashing out on branded lotions and watching clearly botoxed celebrities champion anti-aging products - I for one am now reluctant to believe such hyperbole.  Many of the ingredients listed in these so-called ‘wonder products’ are basic items that can be found in supermarkets or, come to think of it, a household fridge. So why pay a fortune for a pr...

14 Jul 2011 16:35 GMT

The Comfort & Convenience of the Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have been  around for decades. In the 1970s,  jumpsuits were regularly busted out on the dance floor and may or may not have been worn by John Travolta. My love of the one-piece goes back many years to the 1980s when I spent days in my crib (an actual crib, not an MTV style crib complete with eight hot tubs and a rooftop pool) in my soft cotton baby romper. Fast-forward thirty years and I'm still obsessed with  the onesie. Should a grown woman really be seen wearing what is e...

12 Jul 2011 08:35 GMT

Midi Skirts: The Long and the Short of it

Whether you’re a mini, maxi or an on-trend midi, this summer all focus is on hemlines. Blame the revival of lady-like chic, Mad Men or the Louis Vuitton A/W’10 collection, but there has been a serious revolution in how to wear your skirt and more importantly how long to wear it. For years women have been subjected to the horror of the 1960’s inspired mini. With only a brief sign of relief courtesy of Sienna Miller; who introduced the world to boho style maxi skirts (faux fur gilet an...

08 Jul 2011 14:00 GMT

The Joy of an Ever-Fluctuating Wardrobe

My wardrobe is bulging with clothes. It seems like a normal amount to me but when I have friends over they usually gasp at the sheer volume of clothing that seems to take over the space in my bedroom. Not just clothing but accessories, shoes and yes, an entire wicker basket of scarves and belts. When I moved back to Canada for a year and thought I wouldn't be back, I gave away 9 bags of clothing to friends and local charity shops. And I still had 5 large suitcases of stuff to lug back home. I...

07 Jul 2011 11:00 GMT

The Classic Choice: Wardrobe Staples

In these fast fashion times you’d be mistaken for thinking that a pair of 70s inspired flares or glittery platforms could change your style status. However, without the core ingredients to mix and match, you run the risk of falling into fashion victim territory – or worse still, debt! Instead of getting distracted by the latest trends – treat yourself to these versatile pieces that promise to last a fashion lifetime.

06 Jul 2011 15:35 GMT

Boat Hats: The Perfect Summer Accessory

They are the hat beloved by public school girls, Cambridge punters and folks quaffing champagne at Henley Royal Regatta. They are as British as the bowler hat, real ale and strawberries and cream combined.  They are also the hat of choice for butchers, barber shop quartets and Morris Dancers. That aside, boaters are also this summer’s sneak-up hat trend.

04 Jul 2011 15:00 GMT

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