Middleton for the Masses: The Kate Effect

Move over Alexa Chung! Give it up Kate Moss! There’s a new style icon in town...apparently? Like it or not, it appears Kate Middleton has a certain amount of fashion pulling power these days. From Royal events and Wimbledon to the supermarket shop, it seems she can’t put a (LK Bennett shoed) foot wrong in the sartorial stakes. You only have to look at the record sales in Reiss of late or the huge demand for that sequined Jenny Packham dre...

01 Jul 2011 17:00 GMT

The Never-Ending Trend: Oversized Sunglasses

With so many trends coming and going each and every season, it’s fair to say that fashion is a fickle friend. But amongst the ever-changing sartorial tide, there are some items, such as oversized sunglasses, which refuse to be washed away. Lending a sophisticated edge to any outfit, these large, round frames can be translated into every kind of wardrobe. Today’s most famous trendsetters know a pair of oversized shades are the perfect accompaniment to any look. Quirky Style Queens Sarah...

30 Jun 2011 16:15 GMT

Not Only Skinny Bitches Work in Fashion

You don't have to be a skinny bitch to work in fashionMuch has been made of female relationships both in and out of the workplace. Women have been called bitches for being assertive and ambitious and a recent survey reveals that most of us prefer having a male boss to a female boss. But even the most staunch tomboys among us can't deny the value of the bond of female friendship and camaraderie. So why the attitude girls?

28 Jun 2011 18:00 GMT

The Return of The One-Piece

Did you hear the news? Apparently, we’re now in the full flourish of a classic British summer. Don’t let the grey skies and gale-force wind fool you, summer is here...right? Let’s be honest there may be a glimmer of sunshine this month (all fingers crossed across the nation!). But chances are the most sun my poor Vitamin D deprived body will see this summer is on holiday abroad.

24 Jun 2011 14:00 GMT

The Best of Festival Friendly Make-Up

As fun as summer festivals are, the idea of spending three days without access to a hairdryer, shower or decent mirror is enough to make any beauty queen shudder. But slumming it in a muddy field doesn’t necessarily mean throwing your beauty routine out of the window.  After a few disastrous years of smudged eyeliner, streaky cheeks and matted locks - I have endeavored to seek out the top tips and best multi-purpose wonder products to ensure I never have to look like a bedraggled Alice...

23 Jun 2011 08:22 GMT

4 Ways to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

It's a familiar story. You go to the salon, you have your hair coloured an amazing shade. You entire life seems better! The compliments are non-stop and every time you look in the mirror you proactically French your reflection because hot damn! does your hair look good. And then something horrible happens. Even worse than grow-out or roots...it fades. It fades even before you roots have time to poke through. That colour you once had, is now either down the drain or al...

21 Jun 2011 15:30 GMT

Nautical Style: The Trend That Never Dies

There is one trend that you can always guarantee to find come summer time, and that's the nautical look.  Whether or not it's caught the eye of anyone who is inspired by the catwalk, you can always be sure to find something ship-shape in shops aimed at the more mature lady.  But, now it's current, how do the rest of us carry it off without looking frumpy or ridiculous?

17 Jun 2011 13:44 GMT

What If Your Legs Aren't "Summer Ready"?

Women's magazines often have features about how to get your body ready for summer. Every year there will be pages and pages of patronising diets, exercise routines, skincare and tanning tips, so that all you silly girls out there don't embarrass yourself in public by being less than perfect. Even if you believe in all that crap, who on earth has the time for it?

16 Jun 2011 16:00 GMT

Festivals: A Capsule Wardrobe

Packing for a week away is always tricky. Packing for a five day festival is even harder. How to cover all bases weather-wise yet also pack light? If you're like me, packing light is a difficult  concept to grasp – an ideal plan in theory that never quite works out. Five days in a field at Glastonbury just might finish me off but I've narrowed down the essentials for the ultimate pack-light festival kit with clothing and accessories that you can wear again off the field. 

14 Jun 2011 14:00 GMT

Graduate Fashion Week: Banality & Brilliance

A fashion week sponsored by George at ASDA is a bit like a gourmet food festival sponsored by McDonald's or a fine wine tasting organised by Lambrini. It makes it all feel a little...how can I put this...? Cheap.However, times are hard and there’s not much support out there for graduates of any description. Well done to Walmart UK for stumping up the cash to support this year’s Graduate Fashion Week! George managed to put on a pretty good show at Earl’s Court, London last week. Though ...

13 Jun 2011 14:00 GMT

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