The Return of Shorts

Shorts have always gotten a bad rap. I wore them all the time during hot East Coast summers in North America when I was a kid. I stopped wearing them abruptly in my teens when I started getting self-conscious about my weight. I didn’t care if it was 30 degrees outside with humidity. I was going to wear full length jeans, Doc Martens and my adolescent scowl if gave me heatstroke.

11 May 2011 08:20 GMT

The Fashion of Lady Gaga's "Judas" Video

Lady Gaga's "Judas" video finally debuted last week, in all its badass biker pseudo-religious glory. Gaga explained to E! News' Giuliana Rancic that the video is a "metaphor for forgiveness and for betrayal and darkness being one of the challenges in life as opposed to being a mistake". She also said despite Rancic alluding to the fact that certain conservative religious groups had condemned the song (and...

09 May 2011 14:00 GMT

How Bright is Your Wardrobe?

If you’ve been swathed in black, grey and navy for the past winter, the thought of donning some neon brights this spring might seem terrifying. How can our pale faces take the shock of colour? Will we glow in the dark? Sure the British weather has been kind thus far this spring but I still found myself hesitating over the green jeans I bought three weeks ago. It was hard not to notice when Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Giles all sent acidic brights down the runway for SS11 Clashing colou...

03 May 2011 12:00 GMT

To Clog or Not to Clog?

Once the mainstay of any 1990s wardrobe, the clog has had a revival in the past three years. This is in part thanks to the recent uprising in popularity of cult shoe label, Swedish Hasbeens, and in part to Karl Lagerfeld, who made impossibly high clogs for his Chanel SS10 collection. Once Alexa Chung was

20 Apr 2011 15:00 GMT

Glamorous Spring Lingerie and Swimwear

Now that spring has finally sprung and we're all dusting off items from our summer wardrobe, perhaps it's time to pay a little bit of attention to your skimpies too.  Wearing boring old lingerie underneath your pretty summer frocks isn't really going to put a spring in your step, so why not splash out?  In case you're tempted, here are some gorgeous picks to seduce you from three fab British brands.

18 Apr 2011 12:00 GMT

The Vintage Guide to Blouses

The blouse is having its moment in the sun right now. Spotted billowing atop ladylike skirts, 70s style flare jeans and tucked into peg leg trousers - there’s not much the buttoned up shirt won’t go with if you style it right. But if you’re looking to go vintage, finding a wearable blouse isn’t as easy as you might imagine. Digging through vintage and charity shops, it’s difficult to unearth a blouse that isn’t...

12 Apr 2011 14:00 GMT

Westwood: Still Kicking Fashionable Ass at 70

Despite the fact that she turns 70 this week, Dame Vivienne Westwood is more vibrant and daring than many women half her age.  With her bright hair and pale skin she is instantly recognisable in photographs and, despite never trying to appear any younger than she actually is, Westwood always looks fantastic.  Who says that dressing creatively is just for the young?  Having recently 

05 Apr 2011 08:35 GMT

Spring Fashion Cravings

Anyone else feeling a slight twitch in your gut every time you look at your wardrobe? A hint of despair at not having anything to wear? An urge to run around waving your credit cards around and buying those all important in season clothes that your wardrobe desperately seems to lack? Yes? Well, it seems like spring has finally arrived.

04 Apr 2011 11:06 GMT

Do You Have to Dress Differently at 30?

When I was 18 years old, turning 30 seemed like the end of fun. No more drinking slurpees, going on spontaneous road trips or wearing pink polka dots. The 30-year-old I was picturing exclusively wore pinstripe skirt suits and briefcases and lived in a townhouse with her husband and 2 children while holding down a full-time job. Somewhere in there, I also wore glasses to aid my failing eyesight. 

31 Mar 2011 08:34 GMT

Redfoot Launches Disney Folding Shoes

If you're a fan of heels but your feet don't thank you for it, you might have already invested in a pair of folding flats for your handbag to slip into at the end of a long evening. If not, it's an idea worth exploring. I had a poke at some of Redfoot's new Spring / Summer collection, including four new Disney-themed pairs...

30 Mar 2011 08:00 GMT

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