Save on Autumn Style with Westfield

Looking for some Autumn/Winter fashion inspiration? Westfield Merry Hill and Derby have some fabulous fashion-packed weekends planned to help you find your new season look. And save some cash in the process... Westfield Derby is kicking off the seasonal style spectacular with flash mob fashion shows taking place around the centre on Saturday 8 September. The generous models will be handing out golden envelopes to s...

07 Sep 2012 15:58 GMT

The Best Liquid & Gel Eyeliners

As someone who has been trying to replicate Amy Winehouse's trampy eyeliner for the last five years, I know a thing or two about liquid and gel eyeliners.  After a Twitter discussion with @BeccaCaddy about the best "cheap" eyeliner out there, I figured I should make this easier for all of us and just write a post about it rather than trying to give advice in 140 character spurts!

05 Sep 2012 13:15 GMT

Get Ready for Style Birmingham Live AW12

Birmingham is getting ready for a very stylish Saturday when Style Birmingham Live AW12 hits the city on 29 September. Actress and singer, Martine McCutcheon will host the one-day fashion and shopping spectacular. The highlight of the event will be the ‘industry’ style fashion show, held at the ever-so-stylish shopping destination,

04 Sep 2012 08:33 GMT

How to Dress Like a Dowager Countess

Well, at least a classy Edwardian Lady. This autumn’s vintage inspired trend is all about the era that welcomed in the 20th century. Edward VII was on the throne, the Pankhurst's were busy founding the WSPU and Beatrix Potter was drawing cute little bunny rabbits.

22 Aug 2012 15:00 GMT

How to Wear & Where to Buy Head Scarves

The vintage/retro trend has become much more accessable over the last year, so that us mere, fashionable mortals can partake in the fun. There are clever books out, explaining how we can incorporate vintage style into our everyday looks, and platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest give us ideas and tutorials aplenty.

21 Aug 2012 14:30 GMT

How to Buy Quality Make-up on a Budget

Hello. I’m Kelli, I’m 23-years-old and I’m a make-up snob. Perhaps I’m a reformed make-up snob. I’m not sure where the boundaries lie anymore, all I know is that I have lemonade cash and champagne tastes. I come from a line of make-up snobs. My mum is getting worse as she gets older and I was certainly the only 15-year-old who didn’t own a blue glittery Rimmel eyeshadow at school. In fact, I wasn’t allowed&nb...

16 Aug 2012 08:15 GMT

Benefit Brow Bar: Thread is Dead

Eyebrows are important. They frame the face and can make you look entirely different. That is why I don’t trust myself to shape mine. In fact, I used to let them do their thing until about two years ago when I discovered threading.

15 Aug 2012 08:20 GMT

Do You Know Who Made Your Pants?

It's becoming easier to find a bargain on the high street these days. Fashion is fast, and many consumers are desperate for discounts. However, someone will be paying the price for our cheap t-shirts and multi-buy underwear. If we're not paying a decent price for it, how on earth are the people who made a garment getting paid? Do you know who made your pants?

13 Aug 2012 12:20 GMT

The Surprising Way I Finally Got Clear Skin

The skin on my face has not been my friend the last 15 years. Oh sure, we’d have a good six months here and there, but without fail, it would start break out in the most ridiculous spots that simply would not go away. I'm talking giant, deep spots with mega roots that would unpack their bags, and hang out on my face for months. 

07 Aug 2012 09:25 GMT

Olympics-Inspired Trends To Totally Ignore

Here’s the deal: the Olympics have nothing to do with fashion. With that bombshell well and truly dropped, here are some things that you don’t have to worry about. At all. Ever. Painting your nails gold, silver or bronzeBeauty companies have been going in for this in a big way. Probably because nail polish is the only cosmetic that is conducive to most sporting activities. Have you ever tried running 1,500 metres whilst wearing shimmering smokey ...

26 Jul 2012 10:30 GMT

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