Lazy Oaf x Batman = Amazing!

If there is one film I really, desperately want to go see this week it has to be The Dark Knight Rises. Of course, all you cool kids have already seen it - but those of us who are a bit slow on the up-take only see films at least a week after they come out. I know. LAME.But I'm not the only one who is still massively excited about the latest Batman film, as Lazy Oaf have teamed up with Batman to create an exclusive Batman themed collection, available exclusively ...

25 Jul 2012 09:37 GMT

Rainbow Winters: Fashionable Technology

From designer gadget accessories to companies like Burberry fully embracing digital - things are getting truly hot and heavy between fashion and technology.

19 Jul 2012 12:17 GMT

Tips & Tricks For an On-The-Go Manicure

Nails are totally a "thing" now. Before all you needed was a cute colour, and now it seems you need to turn your nails into a piece of art (hence the term 'nail art') to be bang on trend. For those of us who don't have the time, money, or steadiness of hand to create killer nail art, we must stick to the basics. The basics meaning a good manicure.

11 Jul 2012 09:21 GMT A New Platform for New Designers

Beyond designing amazing clothes, a huge part of becoming a successful fashion designer is understanding sales, marketing, and the business side of the industry.Having a platform where designers can not only display their collections, but have the ability to sell them is hugely important, and the brand new website and ecommerce platform aims to do exactly that.

26 Jun 2012 10:50 GMT

Monki's Swedish Fashion Magic

Scandinavian style has been quietly taking over the fashion world for the last couple of years. Even Stockholm Fashion Week has now become must-attend event for any style blogger worth their Swedish Hasbeens.Swedish style is characterised by a laid back dishevelled elegance with a hefty dose of quirk and the odd dash of whimsy. Acne’s graphic cuts and considered detailin...

18 Jun 2012 11:50 GMT

In Praise of the Hippy-Goth-Punk Shop

The Hippy-Goth-Punk shop: a UK institution and a teenage rite of passage. Whilst I may have moved on from the scandalous “Barbie is a Slut” t-shirts and tie-dyed sarong skirts, I still get nostalgic for Saturday afternoons spent browsing boutiques that reeked of patchouli and had The Pixies on the stereo.  

29 May 2012 09:48 GMT

Vintage Shopping for a Good Cause

If you're looking to learn more about dressing vintage or how to shop for vintage clothing, you should absolutely head on down to Mary's Living & Giving Shop at Primrose Hill to hear the fabulous Naomi Thompson talk about exactly how to do that. 

28 May 2012 09:32 GMT

Hair Obsession: In Grips We Trust

Some people over-do it on mascara. With some it's perfume. Others it's cleavage. For me, it's bobby pins (or as those in the UK call it, hair grips.)Depending on the desired height of my hair, I will use anywhere from 4 - 12 bobby pins at a time. Both my home and my handbag are littered with rogue bobby pins - that's how much I love them. However, my problem with this little pieces of metal magic are that they don't come in realistic hair colours (not everyone is either brunet...

18 May 2012 09:34 GMT

Disgusting and Confusing Nail Varnish Names

Recently I wrote a feature for the good ladies at Emerald Street about the stories behind nail varnish names. I talked to Essie (yup, the lady who makes Essie is called Essie) and even the team at OPI about how they come up with their nail varnish names. 

15 May 2012 13:00 GMT

Is Award Show Style Becoming a Snoozefest?

We all have a soft spot for award season. The dramatic dresses, the red carpet, the glitz and of course Joan Rivers making a mockery of everyone in her eye line. It’s too entertaining to miss. But after Sunday night’s 84th Academy Awards (arguably the show pony of all award shows), I can’t help but wonder what happened to brave fashion choices? Bjork in her swan ...

28 Feb 2012 14:44 GMT

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