Marni for H&M is Almost Here!

It's finally here. H&M finally released the lookbook images for their collaboration with Marni. And it was worth it. I pretty much want the entire collection.For once, you can believe the hype.

23 Feb 2012 09:08 GMT

A Wish List for Valentine's Day

While I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day and the veritable explosion of red hearts, roses and pink cards that goes with it, I do like to buy things and I do enjoy treating myself.Single or not, I have always enjoyed the merchandise that goes with this fake “holiday”. Without Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t have been able to purchase two mini chocolate swiss rolls with puppy faces on them called “puppy love” today. Or the special edition pink Percy Pig Valentine oversized giant c...

14 Feb 2012 09:31 GMT

Style Me Vintage: Clothes, by Naomi Thompson

If you’re a big fan of Betty Draper’s wardrobe, or you’re constantly cooing over the way “vintage girls” dress but tell yourself that you could never, ever look or dress like that because it’s much too complicated - Naomi Thompson is here to tell you that, no, it most certainly is not.Naomi Thompson, of the Vintage Mafia and Vintage Secret fame, has a brand...

13 Feb 2012 10:11 GMT

How to Wear Pyjama-Style Trousers

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post, we’re not talking about wearing you’re actual PJs out in the rather cold light of February, but rather a refreshing update on a much-loved home comfort. Yes, slinky, silky, loose-fitting trousers are the thing to be sporting this spring/summer. Seen at Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Paul Smith, they’re more Audrey Hepburn, and less Colleen Rooney. Leave the terry towelling and fleece at home, this look is about paisley prints and sexy s...

03 Feb 2012 09:33 GMT

5 Trends You Should Try

When you’re on a budget, there is very little grey area when it comes to new trends - to me they’re either something I love (printed trousers), are hideous (neon), or unwearable if you’re over a certain age (hotpants, brothel creepers and thigh high boots).  Just because something looks like it exploded all over the high street, doesn’t mean I want to dress myself in a pair of acid yellow skinny jeans. But still, every season, I like to follow my whims and incorporate a few key items t...

01 Feb 2012 10:00 GMT

Fancy Pants: Why I Love Printed Trousers

I could not be happier that the shops seem to have exploded with printed trousers in every incarnation. I no longer have to trawl charity tops for a musty old pair that are droopy in the crotch. No more digging out granny’s castoffs from the attic and having to take out the waist or wearing them as leggings (granny was a tiny lady). Not only is there every colour and print under the sun, they fit well and are actually flattering to the naked eye.

25 Jan 2012 10:18 GMT

The Lynx Effect for Ladies

You know Lynx? The amazing fragrance for men that makes us lose all control instantly and just want to rip the clothes off whatever hunk of man meat we catch a whiff of the stuff on? The one with the totally realistic adverts where hundreds of gorgeous women shed their garments and run towards a poor Lynx-drenched chap who doesn't stand a chance? Well, now all that passion could be o...

23 Jan 2012 12:41 GMT

Spring and Summer Essentials for 2012

Forget fetish and pack your power jumper in storage, the new spring trends are out in full force and are ready to be shopped. From pretty pastels, eye-catching brights, Olympic-inspired sports luxe, we’re barely into 2012, far from hanging up our winter coats and chunky knits, yet all talk is on SS12. With new season essentials landing in stores already, it seems the season’s are moving quicker than Anna Wintour in between shows. 

20 Jan 2012 15:18 GMT

Animal Jumper Love

It’s a bit of an awkward time of year for shopping. It’s the tail end of the January sales, it’s sometimes super cold outside and then confusingly sunny and mild. It’s much too early for nonsense like icy pink cropped t-shirts or Fifties style floral dresses. I don’t feel like buying clothes right now that I blatantly won’t wear until April at least. So what’s a girl to do if she ain’t ready for the spring clothes trickling into the shops but feels like weeping at the thought of going ...

17 Jan 2012 09:44 GMT

Thrifty and Fashionable Ways to Save Money

Thrifty Ideas for January As predictable as the Christmas comedown is every January, it’s also the traditional time of year to be extremely skint. After trying to stick to a budget buying gifts, the two weeks before Christmas were a blur of stuffing anything made of pure butter into my mouth and clicking “Buy it now” on This doesn’t mean you have to ignore your debit card for the entire month of January. There are a few things you can still afford to splurg...

11 Jan 2012 10:00 GMT

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