Cheer Up Buys for January

On the first day of going back to work, it’s not easy to keep the spirits up. After a week of lying around and scoffing everything in the fridge while leaving a trail of Quality Street wrappers in my wake, reality is difficult to face. I will miss waking up at 11am on a weekday, my most pressing concern getting through the third season of my box set of The Sopranos with the cat at my side. 

03 Jan 2012 10:41 GMT

Versace for H&M Cruise Collection SS12

Donnatella Versace strikes the high street again. This time with a brand new cruise collection for SS12 in collaboration with H&M on January 19th, 2012. The best part is that it’s only available online - so those of us averse to queuing up at the crack of dawn for a chance to buy a skirt (and potentially get stabbed by a hanger or trampled by a crazed blogger or fanatic), can wake up and simply log onto our computers. Sweet relief. As much as I was tempted by a few...

28 Dec 2011 11:33 GMT

Christmas Jumpers: A Spotter's Guide

There was a time when Christmas jumpers were considered cringe-inducing embarrassments. How we guffawed at Colin Firth in his reindeer sweater in Bridget Jones’s Diary! Thankfully, those dark days are over and Christmas jumpers are now perfectly acceptable attire for fashionable festive folk.

12 Dec 2011 12:30 GMT

Party Style with ASOS Fashion Finder

The party season has arrived, meaning if you don’t have your LBD, sequins or feathers at the ready your missing out. For those of you who are prepared (guessing you have your presents bought and wrapped too?) ASOS Fashion Finder has a early Christmas treat for you. They have teamed up with Reiss to offer one lucky winner a £300 s...

09 Dec 2011 11:55 GMT

Benetton's Curve-Enhancing Pin Up Sweater

While many articles of clothing are meant to help hide or disguise “a multitude of sins”, the Pin Up sweater from United Colors of Benetton actually wants to enhance and show off your curves.

07 Dec 2011 15:03 GMT

Paul and Joe's Cat Cosmetics for SS12

Not since MAC’s collaboration with Hello Kitty have I been so excited about a new cosmetics launch. This January, Paul and Joe Beaute are celebrating their 10th anniversary with an absolutely adorable Spring 2012 collection by fellow cat-loving designer Sophie Albou. While the MAC at Hello Kitty collection was a bit over the top (I am still upset that I didn’t splurge on the Hello Kitty engraved face compact) and not to everyone’s taste, Paul and Joe Beaute’s latest offering is a much ...

07 Dec 2011 10:11 GMT

Shopping for Something New at Clothes Show Live

A visit to Clothes Show Live is a rite of passage for teenage girls in the West Midlands. They enter with the assumption that they’ll be scouted by a modelling agency, then leave with deflated dreams sweetened by heaving bags of cut price cosmetics.

05 Dec 2011 09:50 GMT

The Next Big Collaboration: Marni for H&M

The queues and debris had only just begun to settle at H&M, and then dropped the news that Marni was next in line for a collaboration. Fresh from a Donatella take-over and hot-on-the-heels of a shopping frenzy that saw a record sell out in just 15 minutes, H&M announced that Italian label, Marni will land 8 March  2012.

01 Dec 2011 17:00 GMT

The Best Winter Warmers

Anyone who’s ever nearly frozen to death at a bus stop knows the importance of bundling up when winter strikes. Even a stroll in the beautiful snowy park can be extra unpleasant if you’re not fitted out with at least a knitted hat to keep your head free from frostbite. There is, however, a fine line between looking warm and chic and looking like you’re about to go ice-fishing at a moment’s notice. Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, it still gets pretty cold out there at night. And it...

29 Nov 2011 14:00 GMT

Freya Lingerie's Loungewear: Perfect for Winter

Unless you are one of those people who think it's acceptable to wear sweat pants to the grocery store or your pajama bottoms to Starbucks, chances are you’ll agree that PJs are for sleeping in, only.However, when the temperature starts to drop and even your central heating isn’t enough to warm up your flat, chances are putting on normal clothes doesn't sound appealing. You want to be warm, you want to be comfortable, but you also don’t want to look like a hungover college stu...

28 Nov 2011 17:00 GMT

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