Fabulous Christmas Window Displays

Everyone knows the best thing about Christmas is the chocolate treats and chance to wear tinsel in your hair with complete fashion prowess, right? Well, not quite. Swiftly overtaking our passion for sweet treats this Christmas is the festive-themed department store window.If you’re lacking some Christmas spirit, I implore you to take trip to your nearest department store. But forget the bustling crowds and queues inside, stay in the cool of winter outdoors and take in the delights of t...

25 Nov 2011 10:33 GMT

Skype with ASOS for an Exclusive Styling Session

We do love it when tech and fashion companies hook-up to produce a technically fashionable love child - and that is precisely what Skype and ASOS.com have accomplished.This Wednesday, from 19:00 - 22:00 GMT the ASOS style advisor team will be giving one-to-one style advice for a party (what they call your "party style SOS"), or advice on your existing wardrobe, via Skype IM. 

22 Nov 2011 15:00 GMT

Pop-up Ebay Store: An Experiment in Shopping

If online shopping has always felt a bit two dimensional to you, next week sees the opening of Ebay’s first pop-up retail store at 34 Dean Street, W1D 4PR in London’s Soho.Open for only five days, Thursday 1st December to Monday 5th December, the shop will feature only “buy it now” items, the first live retail experience for the online aution site. You use your smartphone and the

22 Nov 2011 10:00 GMT

Do Your Online Shopping at Blog & Buy Sale

Christmas shopping online is bewildering. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I find the choice and scale of it all overwhelming. Twenty minutes on Not on the High Street or Etsy fries my brain. I all too often end up ditching my shopping cart in the middle of the virtual aisle and having to go lie down in a darkened room.

21 Nov 2011 09:24 GMT

The Couture of Cats

I love cats. I really do. Some would say it’s a rather unhealthy obsession. A grown woman who wears cat earrings? They were a gift, if you must know. A Hello Kitty cosmetic bag? It’s from Liberty, bitch.  A cat print dress?! I always claim the cat mug in the office kitchen when there’s a tea run. I have a cat egg timer in my kitchen, cat magnets on the fridge and a cat brooch. Every single birthday I am treated to an array of cat-related cards. And no, it never gets old.  To the innocent byst...

15 Nov 2011 16:13 GMT

Are Curves Only Sexy if They're Vintage?

This weekend I spent my time in a classroom at the Guardian learning all about how to appreciate film. In this class, it was mentioned by a rather beardy, cynical film journalist that Marilyn Monroe probably wouldn’t be seen as such a big deal nowadays. Why? He said that her fame was down to what was fashionable at the time, and by 2011 standards, she wouldn't be held up on such a high pedestal.

14 Nov 2011 16:09 GMT

Coming Soon: Clothes Show Live

Clothes Show Live is coming to Birmingham’s NEC from 2-7 December. This year’s show is set to be the biggest to date, with hundreds of major fashion and beauty brands, catwalk shows and demonstrations.There will be lots of opportunities to do more than simply shop ‘til you drop, with crafty interactive workshops taking place in the Sknitch zone. After a successful launch at last year’s show, Sknitch brings together the best ...

11 Nov 2011 13:00 GMT

Versace for H&M Hits Stores November 17

Next Thursday sees the launch of one of H&M’s most hyped up designer collaborations - Versace for H&M.  On November 17th, both in-store and online, hordes of people (both male and female) will be able to get their paws on Versace’s charmingly garish prints and designs at more affordable prices (prices start at £24.99 for a scarf). Donnatella was first approached by H&M back in 2009 but she turned them down. Clearly, with a...

09 Nov 2011 09:22 GMT

Our New Obsession: Punky Allsorts Accessories

I’m not usually one to care about what celebrities are wearing or whether they’ve been spotted wearing such-and-such’s brand - however, Katy Perry’s Beans on Toast ring from last night’s EMA was amaaaaazing.The ring is from the fantasticly awesome Punky Allsorts, who are no stranger to celebrity customers. Katy Perry not only loves their 

07 Nov 2011 13:30 GMT

Cheap Thrills on the High Street

I have a love/hate relationship with credit cards. After receiving my very first Visa at the tender age of 18, I ran rampant with it, acquiring department store cards, a Mastercard and even an Amex to round off my collection at the age of 21. Disastrous.More than a decade later and I’ve finally learnt my lesson - credit cards are the devil. Best stick to paying with cash and only buying what you can afford. Nothing dampens a good mood faster than a call from a collection agency. Which ...

03 Nov 2011 17:43 GMT

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