"Why are you so naughty?? Because I'm so happy!!!" - Why We Love Rob Ryan

If I got a card that had the words “Why are you so naughty? Because it makes me so happy!” scrawled across it, I'd be giddy with joy. I'm bored of minimalism and need something more interesting to distract me - I'm a bit like a magpie sometimes. Thank god for Rob Ryan as he easily makes all of us fall in love with silly things all over again. And detail! Remember detail? With his romantic prints and silly designs and w...

12 Aug 2008 12:15 GMT

From Robots to Headphones: Nerdtastic Flare from ModCloth.com

If the thought of going to Tiffany and splashing out on some platinum-24-karaty-type thing doesn’t get you hot under the collar, here’s hoping these tasty little treats from Mod Cloth will.

11 Aug 2008 16:00 GMT

One Cheap Bitch: Where to Find Cute Clothes For Cheap Online

This Bitch likes to look chic, for cheap - but shopping at H&M or Topshop can be like fast food: filling but not exactly satisfying. Sometimes you crave clothing and accessories that bares the logo of a recognizable fashion designer without the words “For Target” after it. “So”, you ask yourself, “Where can a girl get a deeply discounted pretty something without makeup stains from the last six women who tried it on?”

11 Aug 2008 14:00 GMT

Frocks to Love: Tattoo-Print Dresses from AliceWentToVegas

I'm just not a designer dresses kind of girl. Never have been, and presumably never will be. They're expensive, and I'm clumsy. It's not my idea of fun to have a £300 (or more) frock ruined by a spilt turquoise cocktail or a glass of cheap red wine. Shoes are more my indulgence of choice, mainly because they're usually harder to ruin, and pre-menstrual bloating won't cause me to not be able to fit into them and then have hysterical, hormonal tantrums.

10 Aug 2008 14:03 GMT

BitchBuzz's Interview with Sophie from Britain's Missing Top Model

If you could only describe 23 year old Sophie Morgan in one word it would have to be determined. She is beautiful with looks comparable to Sophie Dahl and on a mission to get more disabled people in to the entertainment business. She was involved in a car accident five years ago, which left her paralyzed from the chest down but rather than changing her for worse this simply made her more determined.

08 Aug 2008 12:15 GMT

The Woes of Big Boobs and a Professional Wardrobe

Before I start this account of wardrobe mishap, it is worth pointing out that I have fairly big boobs, an F cup to be precise, and on my relatively small 5ft2”, size 12 frame, you can’t miss ‘em! So the other day, I got dressed without much thought and wore a scoop necked black dress, which I would ordinarily wear with a T-Shirt underneath (layering is so fashion forward don’t you know) but I thought, ‘What the hey, it’s hot outside, let’s go wild and wear it alone’. Mistake. In the c...

08 Aug 2008 11:30 GMT

The Laptop Bag of My Dreams: The Moby Messenger Bag from Pear

I have been lusting after these Moby Messenger Bags from Pear for months now. Each magnificently designed bag has six differently sized pockets, comes with its own brooch and even comes with a nifty little purse to stash phone and iPod in so you don’t have to carry a handbag. Measuring 14 x 11 and 3 inches deep, the Moby Messenger Bag fits most standard size laptops, which means you can finally stop lugging Your Precious around in that Jansport backpack you’ve been sporting since high...

07 Aug 2008 15:27 GMT

Jessie Steele’s Retro Chic Aprons: Perfect For Glamming Up Your TV-Dinner For One

Whether you’re a mess in the kitchen or are a fan of cooking naked and want a fabulous way to protect your goodies from those pesky oil splatters  - these retro-chic aprons from Jessie Steele will give you that extra bit of coverage you’re looking for. 

06 Aug 2008 19:00 GMT

A Great, Indiscreet Way to *Save* Your Heels: SoleMates!

I know we all hate it when we end up in a soft patch of grass wearing our favorite pair of stilettos. Or scratching the edge of a heel on a sidewalk curb. Or when we've twisted (no wait, sprained) our ankles falling 4" from a high-heeled misstep. (Or is this just me?) After each recurrence, I'm left wondering what I could possibly do to alleviate my shoes from such terror...

06 Aug 2008 17:45 GMT

Icon: The Dark Knight's Maggie Gyllenhaal

No matter where she goes, Maggie rocks her own independently fresh style, pulling off looks that some of us could never dream of. Before she wore one to The Dark Knight premiere, I was 100% against pantsuits, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the satin backless look after seeing it on Maggie. Some have accused her of rocking the retro curls a little too often, but we disagree.

06 Aug 2008 17:00 GMT

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