The Baggy Winecoat: For Wine Drinkers on the Go!

Drinking boxed wine used to be some sort of wine-snobbery faux paus. While many, many people like to enjoy a glass of wine from a bag stuffed inside a cardboard box, not everyone will admit to it. However, it appears that drinking your vino out of a box is now fashionable if it's well disguised inside a handbag.

01 Nov 2011 10:06 GMT

Why H&M's Dragon Tattoo Line is F***ing Ridiculous

Hollywood’s remake of the brilliant Swedish adaptations of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series is rather arrogant, if not absurd. But now H&M have decided to take the absurdity to a whole new level.

31 Oct 2011 12:23 GMT

The Fetish Trend: Leather Skirts & Tops

Leather be it in the form of skirts, jackets or the dreaded legging – never a replacement for trousers, ladies – is back and in a big way. It may not be the most flattering of fabrics, VPL is the just the start, but it’s an AW11 essential to covet. Seen on the catwalk of Louis Vuitton, Giles and Mugler – to name a few – leather had a greater fetish appeal than in previous seasons.

28 Oct 2011 09:00 GMT

Lingerie Does Not Count as a Halloween Costume

Wave goodbye to a short-lived Indian summer, autumn has officially arrived. It’s time to begin the countdown to snow-days and eating advent chocolate for breakfast (hooray!). This year, however, it seems that simply digging out last year’s Christmas sweater won’t cut it in comparison to a new and rather racy autumnal tradition...

20 Oct 2011 17:19 GMT

Backpacks & Friendship Bracelets: a 90s Revival

Lately, I’ve started feeling old. It’s been little things. Like. I can’t seem to stay up as late as I used to on a week night. I used to stay up until 3am and roll out of bed the next morning and go to work without a problem. Now, if I get less than 7 hours of sleep per night my head feels like it’s been replaced by cotton candy and I can barely string together a coherent email. 

18 Oct 2011 11:49 GMT

In Defence of Urban Outfitters (Sort Of...)

There’s a lot of hate for Urban Outfitters out there at the moment. Mainly surrounding their wrongful appropriation of the Navajo name and designs “inspired” by traditional Navajo crafts.I get it, especially when considering that using the name Navajo to sell tacky pants is p...

17 Oct 2011 16:23 GMT

The Cape: The Sexier Version of a Poncho

Fall is upon us. I am changing out my wardrobe faster than the temperature can drop, though. I thought I was safely into wool sweater weather, until this week, when the weather in New York turned offensively balmy. Unsure of when I can wear a coat without looking alarmist, and unsure of how many layers I can wear without looking homeless, one of my favorite fall fashions flies to the rescue:  the Cape!

14 Oct 2011 15:00 GMT

Actual Navajos Not Pleased with "Navajo" Trend

One of the big trends this season is “Navajo”. From what I’ve seen of this trend, it’s a neon-coloured bastardization of all things Native American. I mean, I may not be an expert, but I’m pretty sure actual Navajos didn’t run around with purple feathers in "messy buns" whilst wearing a pink bathrobe. But, like I said, I'm not an expert...

13 Oct 2011 16:09 GMT

The Rise of Supermarket Fashion

It’s only natural to assume that I didn’t pick up my dress from the same place I bought my roast chicken. I’ve never understood the concept of supermarket fashion until I recently attended a press viewing of the Christmas AW11 collection from Tu at Sainsbury.

12 Oct 2011 09:07 GMT

Loathsome Fashion Phrases: "Multitude of Sins"

There are lot of terms in fashion that drive me nuts. “Bang on trend” is one. “Fierce”, when talking about a model, is another. Most of them are uttered on reality TV by people who want to bleach your eyebrows, smother you in fake tan, stick you in a Spanx unitard and have the dry skin on your feet eaten off by starved fish, claiming it makes you look 37 years younger. Or something.

11 Oct 2011 12:03 GMT

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