Prada Inspired Suspenders & Stockings & Garters

By Rachael Gibson

Everyone’s been saying how sexy this month’s Fashion Weeks have been, with a return to underwear as outerwear, sexy 50s-style big pants a-go-go and most prominently, suspenders just about everywhere. As seems to always be the case with trends, Prada is responsible. 

The Italian fashion powerhouse showed leather waders last season and, predictably, this season everyone else copied with a watered down take on the trend: suspenders. At Paris fashion week Lily Allen, Rihanna and Katy Perry all wore a take on the look, with Riri in leather garter boots, Lily in trompe l'oeil tights and Katy Perry… well, she just showed off her underwear.

Henry Holland for Pretty Polly



Henry Holland’s suspender-print tights have driven the fashion world crazy. Partly because everyone I know that’s ordered them have had a nightmare getting them in the post, but mostly because they’re really freaking cool. Celebs have been wearing ‘em, models have had them and you, yes you, mere mortals can get in on the action for a bargainous tenner.

Pin Up Girl Tee


$20, Urban Outfitters

The easiest way to deal with the fash-pack obsession with stockings? Wear a t-shirt with a picture of someone else wearing them. It’s the route I’m planning on taking. Pin-up girl artwork has undergone an insane resurgence of late and this t-shirt is one of many, many that I’m sure you’ll be able to track down.

Josephine Corselette


£65, What Katie Did

Confession: I had no idea what a corselette was until about 30 seconds ago. Now I do and I’m glad, because they’re hot. This racy leopard-print number is probably the most stylish way to wear stockings, although I do have to question how hard it would be to go to the bathroom in…

Europa Hold Up


£18, Agent Provocateur

In my experience, hold-ups never hold up, but maybe that’s because I’m not wearing AP’s super sexy socks. I’m sure they couldn’t flog them for £18 if they rolled down and bunched up at your ankles like all the other hold-ups I’ve ever worn. These stockings have been spotted on hosiery fan Lily Allen in blue, but I reckon pink is a bit more wearable.

1920s Silk Garters


$45, BeautifulReign @ Etsy

Vintage underwear is one thing, but you should be safe with these vintage garters. The seller says that they date from the 20s and while we have no evidence of that fact, they certainly look that way with the pearls and rhinestones. They’re almost too sexy to wear, but as with all of these items, I guess practicality isn’t the most important thing.

Hot Dots Tights


 £32, Wolford

Austrian hosiery brand Wolford are the daddies of legwear. There’s pretty much nothing they’ve not done and their designer campaigns are legendary. True fact: when I was temping I worked for them for one day and have never felt more ashamed of black opaque M&S tights in my life. This bow-print is another play on the trompe l’oeil stocking/suspender look, but I reckon these are my fave for the sheer opulence.

Tue, 13 Oct 2009 10:00 (GMT+01)
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Stockings/suspenders are nowhere near as tricky to wear as most women think. You just need a decent pair of stockings and a suspender belt that's more than a couple of scraps of lace (see the What Katie Did website for perfect examples). However, I am the unofficial Queen of Hold-Ups and can say that Boots' Shine & Sheer hold-ups are the best as they stay in place all day and never roll down, even on my less than slender thighs!

Much more sexy than tights (although those Wolford ones are pretty damn hot)!

Lori Smith
Tue, 13-Oct-2009 11:53 GMT

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