Rockalily Cuts: The Brilliant Retro Salon

By Kim Townend

Rockalily Cuts only opened the doors to its East London salon earlier this year, but already has a loyal and ever-growing clientele. There are a number of reasons for this. 

Firstly, the shop is owned and managed by the lovely Ree Ree Rockette, known to many for her fabulous range of Rockalily lipsticks and many more for founding the "Wonderful Women: Minding our own Business" group -  for as the name would suggest, wonderful female business owners. 

Alongside her works  the incredibly talented head stylist Lucie Luella, who can transform any mop into a gorgeously coiffed style to behold, and most recently (to keep up with rising demand for bookings) miss Emma Rae has joined the team. Oh, and it would probably be remiss not to include salon dog, Ellington.

I've visited Rockalily on a few occasions for blow dries, cuts and colours and have always been super pleased with the results.

Although Rockalily is primarily a rockabilly/retro hair salon they specialise in anything that's a little bit different. Think "crazy colour" and quirky East London styling. What sets Rockalily aside from many of the other surrounding salons is the honest friendliness and complete lack of pretense 

rockalily cuts retro hairdresser london

They seem to have worked very hard to create a fun, safe and positive environment that turns a trip to the salon into an afternoon with your favourite girlfriends.I don't know about you, but I always find it very satisfying to be able to go into a salon and request Bettie Bangs and have the stylist actually know what I mean. It takes the nervousness out of the entire experience.

My favourite thing about the salon is that their company ethos is to make you feel awesome, because life is too short not to.

As Rockalily grows they offer more and more services, Lex of Talonted works a couple of Saturdays a month doing amazing nail art, and Ree Ree has begun offering Retro Hair Styling Workshops (the next one is on January 10th, details in the Rockalily blog) .

If you're in need of a makeover, or just want to feel extra awesome for a special evening, give them a call and you'll be sure to leave looking fabulous.

All images courtesy of Rockalily Cuts

Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:30 (GMT+00)
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