Style Me Vintage: Clothes, by Naomi Thompson

By Cate Sevilla

If you’re a big fan of Betty Draper’s wardrobe, or you’re constantly cooing over the way “vintage girls” dress but tell yourself that you could never, ever look or dress like that because it’s much too complicated - Naomi Thompson is here to tell you that, no, it most certainly is not.

Naomi Thompson, of the Vintage Mafia and Vintage Secret fame, has a brand new book out in the Style Me Vintage series about vintage clothing.

In Style Me Vintage: Clothes, Naomi goes over the elements and different styles from the ‘20s right through to the ‘80s, and emphasizes not how to fully recreate a 100% authentic vintage look, but how to incorporate vintage into your own style.

I’ve personally always found shopping for vintage or the thought of “doing vintage” with my own look really intimidating. I can’t sew, I know nothing about how to spot a fake, and I’m not really sure of my own measurements and the "vintage" sizes. 

As much as I drool over Joan Holloway’s dresses and Marilyn Monroe’s style, I had convinced myself I could never introduce elements of my favourite vintage looks into my own personal style. However, Thompson’s book has seriously helped me to get over my hang-ups and lame excuses and simply educate myself a little bit so that I can dress how I want. It's a no-brainer, really.

Style Me Vintage: Clothes, by Naomi Thompson

One of the greatest misconceptions about vintage is that if you wear reproduction clothing (often referred to as ‘repro’) or if you mix and match elements from each era, people like the Vintage Mafia will have you burned on a 1950’s stake. This is not true. The only reason you’ll ever need to dress 100% accurate to an era is you’re putting yourself out as an expert or if you’re, I don't know, filming a historical documentary about vintage clothing.

Thompson has written this book in a very logical, easy-to-follow way. The text is approachable, and everything simply makes sense. She walks you through even the basics like, “What is vintage?” and guides you through how to date vintage clothing, top tips for buying vintage, where to find vintage clothes, shape and swimwear, and - most importantly - how to develop your own vintage style.

The book is, quite rightly, image heavy, giving examples of the looks described, and if you're too lazy to actually read this book, you can still get a real feel for each era by simply looking at the models in each section of the book. Plus, the book also breaks down shapes, accessories, day and evening wear in photos for each era.

Style Me Vintage: Clothes, by Naomi Thompson

Style Me Vintage: Clothes is ideal for anyone interested in vintage clothing, and particularly those of us who wish to introduce certain elements of vintage fashion into our own personal style. This book is fabulous, and I therefore highly recommend you buy it. (Sooner, rather than later, really as Amazon keeps selling out!)

Style Me Vintage: Clothes, by Naomi Thompson is currently on sale on for £5.89, and you can follow Naomi on Twitter as @VintageSecret.

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 10:11 (GMT+00)
2 Responses

It's awesome, isn't it? The tips on dating vintage garments are great. I've put it to good use already!

Lori Smith
Mon, 20-Feb-2012 16:12 GMT

Might have to get my hands on a copy of this book. Great review

Susan Guy
Thu, 20-Sep-2012 14:39 GMT

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