The Lush Spa Gift Box

By Cate Sevilla

If you're looking to overcome the ridiculous cold and dry weather, a spot of pampering at home courtesy of the Lush Spa will do the trick!

The new Lush Spa gift box comes in a little brown parcel, filled with different treatments and experiences, and serves as the perfect way to sample the Lush Spa's fantastic treatments. 

What's in the box?

Lush Spa gift box


Big Blue Bath Ballistic

A sea salt and seaweed packed ballistic is used in the Tailor Made and The Good Hour treatments and is ideal for aches, pains and relieving any unwanted toxins. It also has lavender in it to calm the mind and lemon oil to tone the skin.

Peace Massage Bar

Used in the signature treatment Synaesthesia, the Peace massage bar is made from olive oil and cocoa butter. 

Full of Grace Serum Bar

Created for the Validation Facial treatment, this pink serum bar balances all skins with rose water and portobello mushrooms. You can use this under a facemask or use as an overnight moisturising lotion!

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub

Used in The Spell treatment, this scrub is made with pumice powder, lemon and sea salt and fizzes to removes unwanted skin from feet. 

The Lush Spa Gift Box, £24.95

Thu, 10 Jan 2013 16:45 (GMT+00)
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