The Very Best Christmas Jumpers

By Victoria Loomes

In my book, Christmas dressing isn’t just about glittery party frocks that never quite fit or clumpy false lashes – December ‘tis the month to don comfortable, novelty clothes that can be thrown on and lounged in - ideally on the sofa, post-festive dinner, when the only right thing to do is snooze.

This year Christmas jumpers and novelty knits have been enjoying something of a resurgence, and the high street is awash sweaters festooned with everything from penguins to reindeers, snowmen and cats-in-hats – in fact the more kitsch the better – that’s the way of the Christmas jumper. If you want real authenticity, go vintage (there are some excellent online selections at Rokit, Beyond Retro and ASOS Marketplace); those feeling particularly creative could even knit their own (these patterns are also a great last minute stocking filler for hard-to-buy-for crafty types).

But should your heart desire more camp, more kitsch, holiday horrors galore - and assuming you can’t afford this metallic embroidered beauty from Meadham Kirchhoff - eBay is the place to go. Sweater Online is a personal favourite, although they come without LED lights, which is something of a disappointment, although no doubt easily rectified when I topple into the Christmas tree after a glass (or three) of bubbly during lunch. 

Whether you're wearing a Christmas jumper to raise money for Save The Children or just for fun, here are the best of the best (worst?) Christmas jumpers!

Christmas Jumpers

Clockwise from top left:

Penguin Christmas jumper, £39.99, from Amazon

Louche gingerbread man jumper, £45 from Joy

Vintage stocking jumper, £25 from a selection at Rokit

Knitted Robin jumper, £50 from Topshop

Christmas Jumpers

Clockwise from top left:

Penguin and polar bear jumper, £35 from River Island

Snowman face hoodie, £16.99 from New Look

Noelle Fairisle Snowman jumper, £18 from

Christmas scene jumper dress, £38 from Asos

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