Apps To Enjoy This Christmas

There was a time when Christmas entertainment consisted of endless games of Monopoly, food coma-fuelled games of charades followed by falling asleep in front of Morcambe and Wise. Now we can all stare at our phones and iPads instead! Nothing says Christmas cheer quite like staring into a shiny black rectangle and tip-tapping on a glass screen.

19 Dec 2012 11:30 GMT

A Geeky Gift Guide for the Technically Inclined

Shopping for the technical, the digital savvy and the geeky can get quite complicated. Mostly because it's hard for a mere mortal to understand their gift list, and secondly because everything they want is so bloody expensive. (No, I cannot afford to buy you that £4,000 remote controlled helicopter. I'm sorry.)

14 Dec 2012 17:00 GMT

Festive Tech: LED Christmas Cards

Last week I went to a curiously named crafting event called ‘Bling My Card’, which promised to teach a group of craft enthusiasts to make their own LED Christmas cards. Brighton technologist Natalia Buckley guided us through the process, while we listened eagerly, drank mulled wine and munched mince pies.

10 Dec 2012 13:30 GMT

GEEKED Magazine and the Power of Social Media

I am a busy woman. I say that without the slightest hint of arrogance or self-pity, it is simply my truth. In addition to being a part of the BitchBuzz team, I am also completing (please Baby Jeebus, please!) my PhD in the Study of Religions; I work part-time at the student bar in my uni; I’m in a committed relationship; and I’m the Managing Editor and PR for a new quarterly publication, GEEKED Magazine.

07 Dec 2012 16:35 GMT

How Facebook Has Changed How We Communicate

Almost everyone is on Facebook these days – it's always a surprise to meet someone who has resisted the temptation to join. It has over a billion active users and despite it first having been invented for college students, it isn't just younger generations using it anymore. It has completely transformed how we communicate, and we use it more than ever now due to smartph...

06 Dec 2012 14:00 GMT

Fitness Freak: The Fantastic New Fitness Start-Up

The tech start-up world can be a bit of a dreary place. A place full of over-excited men wearing glasses they don't need, getting hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund an idea that will surely crash and burn. And this is precisely why Shara Tochia and her new start-up Fitness Freak are a breath of fresh air. 

30 Nov 2012 13:30 GMT

Futuristic Sci-Fi Gadgets That Should Be Real

Have you ever watched something on TV or in a film and thought “how awesome would it be if that gadget actually existed?” Whether it’s to save time, effort or get rid of nagging boyfriends, these futuristic gadgets would make our lives a hell of a lot easier...

23 Nov 2012 13:30 GMT

The Very Best Old Video Games

Maybe it's the fact I'm on maternity leave and have time to kill using a laptop one-handed while propping up a sleeping baby with the other. Maybe I just fancied reliving my teenage years, but last week I found myself digging out my Myst: The Collection boxset. After some effort messing around with various settings in order to get it working, I was exploring Myst island again, ...

21 Nov 2012 12:00 GMT

Best Blog Ever: U OK Hun? *hugs*

If you spend too much time on the internet, little things start to piss you off. Like, y'know, shameless attention seekers posting passive aggressive or cryptic statuses on social media. Stuff like: "2day I found out who my tru friends r!!!!!!"

20 Nov 2012 15:30 GMT

Use Social Media to Find Your Dream Job

No longer is job hunting about checking the listings in the local paper. More and more employers are using social networks in the recruitment process – whether that’s directly hiring using social media platforms or simply doing some research into applicants. It’s a tough market and you need to make yourself visible and accessible.

15 Nov 2012 13:30 GMT

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