A Geeky Gift Guide for the Technically Inclined

By Cate Sevilla

Shopping for the technical, the digital savvy and the geeky can get quite complicated. Mostly because it's hard for a mere mortal to understand their gift list, and secondly because everything they want is so bloody expensive.

(No, I cannot afford to buy you that £4,000 remote controlled helicopter. I'm sorry.)

However, because our fellow techies and geeks tend to have quite eclectic and varied taste, if you think outside the box a little, they can be quite fun to shop for. Here are my favorite gifts for the geeky women (and men) in your life!

Touchscreen Gloves

This is a smart and useful gift for pretty much anyone with a touchscreen phone. Although, saying that, considering how many touchscreen services there are these days, these gloves can be handy for even those with ancient, non-touchscreen phones, as well. 

Muji Touchscreen Gloves

Muji, £12.95

Muji have a great variety of "one-size-fits-all" touchscreen gloves in a range of patterns and colours.


Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

I love this on so many levels. This is a creative and fun gift that will also come in handy for any gamer, geek, or those who just love a good piece of design.


Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Firebox, £34.99

The Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is remote controlled and can be set to 16 different colours, and four different settings. Not bad for £34.99.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 

This is the perfect tablet for anyone who misses putting pen to paper, but still wants a tablet computer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Carphone Warehouse, £317 

Perfect for multi-tasking and being creative, The S Note stylus is ideal for taking notes or drawing. It also has handy, unique features such as handwriting recognition and shape match, which automatically perfects your hand-drawn shapes and lines. Nice, huh?


Little Printer

How cute is this little guy!?

Little Printer

Berg Cloud, £199

Spotted at the WIRED Samsung Pop-Up shop by our writer Lou, the Little Printer is fantastic as you simply use your smartphone to subscribe to daily prints from news stories, puzzles and messages from friends. It doesn't require any ink and has a thermal printer.


iPad Sleeve

Kate Spade makes killer tech accessories, and this iPad sleeve is no different...

Kate Spade iPad Sleeve

Kate Spade, $50

Emblazoned with the message "Working From Home #PlayingHooky", I love everything about this canvas iPad sleeve. It has a hashtag on it, and it's from Kate Spade. Hashtag awesome.


Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

Any Doctor Who fan will find this absolutely amazing...

Sonic Screwdriver Remote

BBC Shop, £57.99

This universal remote will be able to control TVs, iPod docks and DVD/Blu-ray players, and it even has  advanced gesture recognition technology. OoOOOoOO. Plus, it holds up to thirty-nine remote control codes. Bottom line: Sonic Remote Controls are cool.


Tweet Mug

If your beloved geek has a Twitter addiction, you might as well embrace it...

Tweet Mug

JOY, £10

This mug is just plain cute. Cute bird, cute hashtag handle, cute, cute, cute. And cheap. Get in. 



Another fab spot at the WIRED Samsung Pop-up from Lou!

Geek Gift Guide: MAKIE Doll

MAKIE, £99


MAKIE dolls are dolls you design and that are produced by a 3D printer and are completely custom made. As Lou pointed out, their philosphy is pretty amazing, too:

"We are currently a 50/50 split of female and male employees, with a passion for creativity and ethical production. 

"We believe in being good, in working with our customers to make the best stuff we can, and also sometimes being just a little bit disruptive. We don't believe in limiting girls to pink, and boys to guns. We believe in awesome!"

How cool is that? Above is the MAKIE doll I designed for myself. Nice, eh?

Some of the items in this gift guide have been sponsored.

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