Best Blog Ever: U OK Hun? *hugs*

By Jen Evans

If you spend too much time on the internet, little things start to piss you off. Like, y'know, shameless attention seekers posting passive aggressive or cryptic statuses on social media. Stuff like:

"2day I found out who my tru friends r!!!!!!"

"why do bad things always happen to gud people?????? FML"

Or the ever-enigmatic:


U OK hun? *hugs* is the new Tumblr that celebrates the finest of the "social needier" - those who "don't want to talk about it" but are perfectly happy to plaster their woe all over the internet.

Every Twitter or Facebook user will have encountered this phenomenon. It is inevitably followed by the 21st century's ultimate prying platitude: "U OK hun?". Here is sympathy in its laziest and nosiest form, sympathy that can't even be arsed to spell properly. It is the disguise used by people who really don't give a shit about an individual's emotional well-being  rather they want a piece of scandalous gossip. It lurks in comments and replies, typically followed by multiple question marks and Gossip Girl style "xoxo"s.

U OK Hun? *hugs*


U OK hun? *hugs* shines a light on some of the most ridiculous and hilarious of these exchanges. The @uokhun Twitter feed is another source of mirth, with a stream of oh-so-true tweets that are instantly recognisable to anyone who gazes at their Facebook newsfeed and thinks "Srsly, WTF?"

Maybe it is wrong to laugh at these people. Afterall, they just want to be loved! Don't we all want that???????

Yes we do babez, yes we do.

Now tell me dear reader, U OK hun? xoxo

Main image and OMG SNAKES image from U OK Hun? *hugs*

Tue, 20 Nov 2012 15:30 (GMT+00)
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