Blog Love: Why We're Loving Mademoiselle Robot

By Cate Sevilla

One of our absolute favorite bloggers of the moment is fashion expert LaĆ«titia Wajnapel, author of the  Mademoiselle Robot blog. Not only is she incredibly creative, she's smart, witty, and has a killer sense of style. The diversity and originality of Mademoiselle Robot is amazing, and always a treat to read.

Take for example my favorite post on Mademoiselle Robot at the moment: How To Live Your Life, Rory Gilmore Style. Wajnapel has tips on WWRD (What Would Rory Do) such as:

"Being Popular Doesn't Matter, Learning Does"

"Keep the Bond Strong with Your Mother"

"Have Goals"

Yet, Mademoiselle Robot also points out that you shouldn't necessarily dress like Rory, post-Chilton, as her Yale style was a bit drab. I totally agree with this as I got pretty bored with her scarves, headbands and collard shirts that were buttoned practically all the way up to her forehead. What I wouldn't give to see a little edge in her style! Maybe wear some shoes other than Converse All Stars! I dunno, Rory - pull on some fuck-me boots every once and a while. it'd do ya good!

Another fantastic post went live today called Ten Tips for First Impressions, and it really very helpful. If you're no a big fan of pop psych books, a few of her suggestions may have slipped your mind whilst networking:

"Talk About a Familiar Subject - If there is something you are passionate about, make sure you angle the conversation towards it."

"Don't Waste Your Time - You have about 3 seconds to make a first impression on someone. So check your posture, your nails, your clothes beforehand."

Fabulous, non? Be sure to check out Mademoiselle Robot daily for fantastic tips and advice on how to be the best, most stylish version of yourself!

Image via Mademoiselle Robot
Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:00 (GMT+00)
5 Responses


Mademoiselle Robot
Wed, 29-Oct-2008 17:31 GMT

And she's a fabulous human being too.

Wed, 29-Oct-2008 17:38 GMT

Haha thanks Zach

Mademoiselle Robot
Wed, 29-Oct-2008 21:17 GMT

ahttp://www...she's so lovely!

Wed, 29-Oct-2008 21:38 GMT

You're so very welcome!!! :)

Thu, 30-Oct-2008 08:49 GMT

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