Futuristic Sci-Fi Gadgets That Should Be Real

By Amy Rutter

Have you ever watched something on TV or in a film and thought “how awesome would it be if that gadget actually existed?”

Whether it’s to save time, effort or get rid of nagging boyfriends, these futuristic gadgets would make our lives a hell of a lot easier...

Cher’s Computerised Wardrobe in Clueless

Imagine not having to faff around choosing clothes to wear in the mornings. Does this skirt go with this top? Should I go for flats or heels? Cher Horowitz never had to worry about what to wear as her computer program basically picked her outfit out for her. It put items of clothing together as an outfit and showed her what they would look like on her, and even tell her if she’s made a dreaded mis-match. I know I would save at least 20 minutes which could be re-purposed as valuable sleeping time.

Doctor Who’s psychic paper

When held up to a person, psychic paper shows whatever the user wants to see printed on it. Forgot your all-important security identification when trying to sneak into a top secret building? Just imagine it and it’ll appear on the paper. This could definitely get you out of a tricky situation or two.

Doctor Who Psychic Paper

Pizza oven in Back to the Future Part II

When I get home from work sometimes I’m starving and don’t have the patience to stand and cook (or the money for a takeaway). The pizza oven in Back to the Future Part II, set in 2015 (maybe there's hope yet!) will turn a tiny frozen pizza into a huge cooked one in about three seconds. Amazing.

Teleportation pods in The Fly

Okay, so you’d have to make sure you didn’t have any bugs sneaking in with you as there’d be the chance of mutating into a half woman, half insect, but a small price to pay to skip the M25?

The Fly Teleportation

James Bond’s car seat ejector

Got a backseat driver boyfriend? Boom! He’s gone. Take that, Mr “You’re-Riding-The-Clutch-And-Driving-Too-Fast-Round-Corners”!

Goldfinger Ejection Seat

Speedy make-up in The Fifth Element

Leeloo, the main character of The Fifth Element has an amazing gadget – a Chanel makeup box that she puts up to her eyes and when pulled away her make up is done in the blink of an eye. 

Chanel Fifth Element Make-up Gadget

Iris recognition in Minority Report

When shopping in Gap, Tom Cruise’s character has his iris scanned and a hologram greets him and asks him about his last purchase. If this were rolled out in all shops, maybe they could tell us exactly what stock was in our size, based on our previous purchases. 

Bernard’s Watch

Oh the fun you could have with Bernard’s watch. Bernard was a young boy who had a watch that could stop and restart time at the push of a button. This would bring out a sneaky side of me that would maybe play tricks on people and maybe sneak into Brad Pitt’s bathroom. Maybe. 

Bernard's Watch

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