GEEKED Magazine and the Power of Social Media

By Samantha Langsdale

I am a busy woman. I say that without the slightest hint of arrogance or self-pity, it is simply my truth. In addition to being a part of the BitchBuzz team, I am also completing (please Baby Jeebus, please!) my PhD in the Study of Religions; I work part-time at the student bar in my uni; I’m in a committed relationship; and I’m the Managing Editor and PR for a new quarterly publication, GEEKED Magazine.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of ‘How do you keep up with it all’? The simplest answer is, I don’t. Essentially, I just neglect things in turns, with my personal communications often taking the hardest hit. I’m considering making that phrase "I know your email is sitting in my inbox, and has been there for six weeks, I swear I will reply to you soon…" the basis for my next tattoo.

Having said all this, I don’t think I’m doing anything special; an enormous number of women seem to be masterminds at juggling (rather than ‘balancing’) family, friends, a few careers, hobbies and time for a bath.

The real magic trick of my scheduling act, however, is in the social media itself. The successful launch of GEEKED, and my ability to live many different lives simultaneously, is almost entirely down to the wonders of the Internet.

Through group-funding sites like Kickstarter, anyone with access to a laptop, and a loud mouth can make their project a success. Sofia Hericson, and I were able to bring GEEKED Magazine to life because we established a campaign on Kickstarter that was generously supported by our friends, family and fans.

Because of associations made on Twitter—like ‘meeting’ the marvelous Lipstick Lori—we not only gained allies in our fundraising campaign, but also found new contributors. The chain of associations extended and I became familiar with the likes of BitchBuzz, and its queen Cate Sevilla, such that the opportunities for GEEKED, and for me personally, grew exponentially with every RT.

On Facebook, we were able to establish a page that allowed us to talk about our ‘zine far before it was a reality. I received support from ‘Friends’ that I was sure had me on ‘Hide’ owing to my tendency to shout (relentlessly) about my liberal, feminist politics. With the use of our blog, Twitter and Facebook, we were able to employ a ‘scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ policy and as a result, we have made associations with organizations, performing arts groups, and small businesses that have been to the benefit of all involved.

At the launch party for our first issue, I had the surreal, but incredible privilege of meeting many of our supporters and contributors for the first time. I joked that whilst I knew their faces in a thumbnail format, it was a wholly new experience to see the group in their ‘Actual Size’.

We had a great time that night, and the magazine was such a success! In fact, after the launch, almost all print copies of the launch ‘zine disappeared within the first week of distribution. Many of our stockists have inquired about receiving more copies; it’s a mixed blessing for me to be able to say, ‘we’re out’.

It’s a bit of an odd thing to realize that the success of a print magazine is due in large part to the ubiquity of cyberspace. We started GEEKED in order to create a community for urban feminist women and men. Because of the ways in which social media has helped us to build a virtual community, areal community is now creating and flourishing and you can feel it in your fingertips with every turn of the GEEKED Magazine page.

Photo Courtesy of GEEKED Magazine 

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