HP's Partnership with Rossignol & Beats

By Cate Sevilla

We all know that HP are known for their fantastic printers and scanners, and that they've created some nifty laptops in the past. While Apple, Dell and Samsung and even ASUS seem to have been the geek-preferred kit as of late - HP definitely have some new, sexy tricks up their sleeve that will impress even the biggest of cynics.

We were recently invited to the Winter Consumer Lifestyle Summit hosted by HP in Flims, Switzerland, where we learned all about their new offerings - as well their new partnership with Rossignol.

Beats Envy Edition

Music lovers will no doubt be familiar with Dr. Dre's Beats, and his collaborations with artists like P Diddy (Diddy Beats) and Lady Gaga (Heart Beats), and their latest collaboration with HP is really exciting for not only music fans, but DJs. With the help of Monsieur Komplex, we were shown just how powerful, not to mention fun, the new Beats Envy Edition laptops can be to play music with.

TouchSmart 300

We were also reintroduced to the TouchSmart 300, which we had the opportunity to review in the Autumn of 2010. The TouchSmart appears to have grown up a bit since we last saw it, with there being more apps available (or simply ones I hadn't noticed before) and, the screen even seeming more responsive. But, perhaps that's just Microsoft further developing its touchscreen capabilities .


While in Flims, one of the coolest experiences we had was the chance to check out the fruits of a new partnership between Rossignol, the iconic skiing brand, and HP. Embodying the ultimate combination of design and technology, the Rossignol skis and limited edition HP Pavilion DV6 Rossignol Edition notebooks that feature the gorgeous artwork of Caia Coopman looked pretty damn cool.

At the Winter Summit, HP certainly showed us how enthusiastic they were about their new products and collaborations, and I'm truly excited and interested to see what HP will do next. Rossignol and Beats definitely have helped shaped HP's new image, giving them a bit of an edge, which I think is definitely a good thing.

Special thanks to HP, Edelman, Rossignol, the team at the Waldhaus Grand Resort & Spa Hotel, the team at Tegia Larnags, and Monsieur Komplex.

Tue, 11 Jan 2011 15:00 (GMT+00)
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