Why is WH Smith Selling the Kobo?

I am a seriously big fan of electronic book readers.While some people have insisted to me that they’re killing bookshops, books, and life as we know it - I personally think that eReaders are encouraging reading and the purchasing of books.However, I don’t really understand the need for WH Smith to start selling the Ko...

13 Oct 2011 13:56 GMT

Why Browser-Based "Applications" Make Sense

Today at the Econsultancy powered JUMP conference, Rob Grimshaw, the managing direction the Financial’s Times’ website FT.com, gave a truly fascinating presentation on innovation and creativity within a heritage brand.

12 Oct 2011 14:48 GMT

The Girl Scouts' Techy New Badges

The Girl Scouts have long been rewarded for doing things like cooking, dancing, and being their “best self” - but the Girl Scouts have introduced new badges that having me grin...

11 Oct 2011 14:05 GMT

Where are all the Gender Neutral Gadgets for Kids?

This weekend I purchased a gadget for me niece as a gift for her second birthday - a fantastic camera from VTech.We were so excited to give her this, as she’s always going after our video and still cameras, pushing the buttons, staring at the screen, and stashing them in her handbag. (Yes, her handbag. She carries it around on her elbow. I know.) We started bringing our waterproof Kodak Playsport with us every time we saw her, simply because we knew she loved it so much, and a...

10 Oct 2011 16:16 GMT

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" - RIP Steve Jobs

Today is an incredibly sad day in the world of tech, as we have lost one of our great leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs. I don't own any Apple products aside from an iPod that is about four generations behind, and I am often critical of Apple fanboys. While I remain dubious about the trustworthiness of the brand, the news of the death of Steve Jobs is, simply put, profoundly sad. As

06 Oct 2011 11:00 GMT

The New MiFi from Three, in White

While colourful gadgets are a welcome change to the usual charcoal and black phones and laptop - a pink, purple, or baby blue alternative don't usually tickle my fancy. White alternatives, however, I do love. From the white Blackberry Bold 9700 to the new white

04 Oct 2011 12:00 GMT

5 Reasons the Kindle Fire is Awesome

I am not an early adopter like Phil Dunphey. I will not wait in line for a gadget, and I certainly do not want to watch interviews with all of the freaks who will do so at 4am.People who obsess over things like the iPad make me feel ill and don’t even get me started on the people who predict things about gadgets. Do we really want to see your photoshopped representation of what you

03 Oct 2011 15:03 GMT

Facebook's Timeline: What it's All About

Not long after it introduced the friend ticker on the right hand side of your screen, Facebook began to roll out another innovation, albeit in a much slower wave: the Timeline. While clever clogs using Chrome and Firefox figured out that you can block the ticker, most people still have not been given the option for Timeline, although they should be able to access the demo.

29 Sep 2011 09:00 GMT

'Twitter for Good' by Claire Diaz Ortiz

If you’ve paid any attention to the likes of Twestival, how Twitter can help in times of crisis, or even if you just need to find a good restaurant nearby, you know that Twitter can use its powers for good. (We’ll ignore all of the spamming, phishing and trolls for now.)

28 Sep 2011 19:04 GMT

Create a Book of Instagram Photos with Blurb

Analogue is making a comeback. Not only has everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app Instagram recently been given its first UK-based art show, but Blurb has also launched a service that turns your shots into a beautiful book that’s ideal for your coffee table.

27 Sep 2011 09:19 GMT

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