The Best Social Apps

When you're stuck at your desk all day, it seems pointless to have social apps on your phone, other than the likes of the all important Twitter and Facebook of course. So which are worth downloading and which others should you just wait until you're at your laptop to sign into?Obviously if you don't use a certain social network or blogging platform anyway, it seems silly to download its dedicated app. However, you might find that experimenting with the apps of differen...

02 Aug 2011 09:16 GMT

The Minuses of Google+

The world's biggest search engine attempts to be social...It's the greatest things since sliced beets, a Facebook killah, or um, a big new sandbox whose potential remains untapped. It's certainly growing fast. In a hyperbolic headline, Business Insider breathlessly shouted, "Google Plus Is DESTROYING Facebook's Dreams, A...

28 Jul 2011 09:15 GMT

How to Carry Your Gadgets in Style

Are you having trouble finding accessories that protect your tech bits and pieces, yet are also practical and look good at the same time?  If we were all freakishly strong, didn’t have to battle thousands of people during our daily commute and didn’t mind looking like crazed bag ladies day in and day out, it’d be pretty simple to carry all of our gadgets around with us. A handbag containing all of the basics as well as our mobiles? Check. A laptop case with all of the ...

26 Jul 2011 12:05 GMT

Conspicuous Dot Com Consumption

I used to love my blogroll. I’d speed through my news sites in the morning and flitter from Apartment Therapy to Design Sponge to Brownstoner toChocolate and Zucchini, and absorb all the current events, DIY projects, real estate, and recipes to pop up ov...

22 Jul 2011 17:00 GMT

Giles Deacon Designs 3D Glasses for LG

After trying to convince myself that I was a purist and enjoyed a more simple, straightforward cinema experience, I have finally admitted to myself that I actually really love 3D films. So much, in fact, that when I went and saw Harry Potter last weekend, I was disappointed that I had only purchased the standard 3D glasses, and not the special, limited edition 3D glasses, shapped like Harry's iconic spectacles. (Serioulsy. How cool are they!?)

22 Jul 2011 14:00 GMT

Video Editing Apps for the iPhone

There are plenty of photo editing applications on the market, from those that add an annoyingly addictive hipster effect to your images to others that turn your face into a cartoon, but what about apps that allow you to edit videos?When it comes to mobile applications, there's a huge range of photo apps that have proven to be extremely popular over the past few years. It seems images can't be left un-edited, looking like they've been taken in 2011, oh ...

19 Jul 2011 08:05 GMT

Why I Love the Olympus PEN E-PL2

Over the last few years, choosing which digital camera to buy has left me in a bit of a state.I’ve run around town with an Canon EOS 350D Digital, which was fantastic when it came to Fashion Week or if I was somewhere with difficult lighting conditions - but it was too bulky to carry around on a regular basis. I flirted with the Ni...

14 Jul 2011 09:00 GMT

Can We Handle Another Social Network?

When Google's new social network Google+ launched a few weeks ago people were excited, others were apprehensive, but I'm sure most of us thought, ANOTHER social network? Really? Google+ is Google's latest social networking platform, you may remember the online giant introducing services like Wave and Buzz in the past, but Google+ is pretty different and from what I can see has already had far muc...

12 Jul 2011 13:30 GMT

Apps For Outdoor Entertaining

Whether you’re basking in the heat in Miami or dodging the rain clouds in London, you’re bound to find yourself in a number of al fresco dining situations this summer, so make sure you’re prepared.Granted you don’t want to be the loser reading out recipes while everyone else is drinking cocktails and getting sunburnt, but now our mobiles are well and truly extensions of our hands it’s easier than ever to quickly check you’re doing everything right, or just get a bit of...

05 Jul 2011 08:00 GMT

Gadgets to Help Organise Your Workspace

Organising your workspace may seem like a top procrastination tactic, but a clear desk could change the way you work for the better.It may sound a little cheesy, but in most cases the more organised your workspace is, the less distracted you’ll be and the more you’ll get done in the long run.

28 Jun 2011 15:05 GMT

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