Retro Mobile Photos: Which App Does What

It began with a few Polaroid-style shots in the Twitter feeds of my more hipster-minded friends. Then it spread to Facebook. Pictures of nights out were transformed into black and white Studio 54 tinged masterpieces. Artful lens flares and washed out filters were added to holiday photos, making the seven days in Magaluf look more like seven days off the Florida Keys in 1952

27 Jun 2011 18:00 GMT

Should You Ditch PowerPoint for Prezi?

The words “presentation” and “PowerPoint” have become inextricably linked and interchangeable. One automatically follows the other. Need a presentation? Open PowerPoint and get on with it.It is understandable. PowerPoint is good at what it does. But reliance on the software has lead to the phrase “death by PowerPoint” becoming one of the great business clichés.

23 Jun 2011 11:34 GMT

Paypal Helps Brands Let You Pay By Mobile

For a while now tech companies, brands and service providers have been exploring ways to allow consumers to pay for things using their mobile phones. Google is set to launch something later in the year, but which companies have already been making big strides into the mobile payment arena?

21 Jun 2011 09:21 GMT

Make Your Tweets Sound Like a Movie Trailer!

The voice-overs for films are one of my favourite things. Anything and everything sounds dramatic, life-threatening, romantic, and incredibly important all at once. As they say in Anchorman, it's like being in a glass cage of emotion. Orange have come up with the super clever idea of having one of of UK's leading voice artists reading your summertime Tweets in a movie-style voiceover, and the result is pretty damn hilarious.

16 Jun 2011 13:00 GMT

Could You Delete Your Facebook Account?

More and more users are logging out of the social network for the last time. But could you ever give up on your guilty Facebook pleasure?Every so often stories and statistics come to light that suggest Facebook numbers are diminishing and it seems the past few months have been no exception. The Guardian reported yesterday that during May more than six m...

14 Jun 2011 08:42 GMT

Perrier's Curious Party on YouTube

Recently there's been a lot of YouTube firsts, and today I've just spotted another.  This one promises to take me to a "hot sexy party".  As a 23 year old female in the city, I like hot sexy parties - my life is full of them.  In fact I do very little else.  In a similar vein as the Desperados party that had everyone gushing over on YouTube, Perrier have cr...

09 Jun 2011 14:42 GMT

Nokia's Disturbing (Pink) "Freedom" Video

We're not exactly sure how we missed this, but have you seen the pink Nokia N8 "Freedom" advert?It is CRAZY. Featuring dismembered, tattooed Barbies and heavy inspiration from many a Lady Gaga look and music video, "Freedom" doesn't so much make me want to buy a Nokia, but rather purchase some Superglue to help put these Barbies back together. (Who let their little brother on the set!?)

08 Jun 2011 16:00 GMT

Can the Waze App Improve Your Daily Commute?

New mobile app Waze aims to improve the daily commute by getting users to share traffic information, build new routes and keep other drivers informed on the roads, but are we really that nice and open to selfless collaboration?You don’t have to be overly cynical to believe that the human race just weren’t built to get along and play nice. Just take a walk outside during the morning commute or lunch hour chaos and I guarantee you’ll be pushed around, “tutted” at or elbo...

07 Jun 2011 09:00 GMT

What did Social Media Ever do For You?

So, you Tweet. You blog, Facebook and Tumble. You rule many Foursquare lands and have enough followers to give you cyber kudos. You like and are liked alike. You are Generation D, the digital era personified.You tweet as you watch, you are surgically attached to your iPhone to check any Wiki fact any time, any place, any where.

06 Jun 2011 11:20 GMT

Hed Kandi's "Pure Kandi" Headphones

Whether it’s sound quality, fashion, or simply not wanting to be that loser sharing their embarrassing playlist with the entire bus because they’re using those crappy white Apple earbuds - which headphones you choose to wear is a personal choice. When buying a new pair of headphones, the things that matter to me most are sound quality (does my music sound “tinny”?), noise leakage (does everyone around me know I’m listening to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” on repeat?), appearance (do I lo...

02 Jun 2011 08:45 GMT

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